Question 92: What does this mean Surat Yaseen [80] {He, Who produces for you 
fire out of the green tree, when behold you kindle therewith}?
Answer: The green tree is the religion, and so the meaning of this verse: “That Allah produced for you from the green tree a light”,it is so that you can ascend within the skies, and he produced for you from the religion a light that you walk with it in between the people, so you can know the truth from falsehood,and so with worship and obeying Allah the human will ascend and Allah will produce for him light so he can know
truth,and so he can see through the truth,and that is the reality of the purpose from this verse.

As for the outer meaning of this verse,it does not need anymore clarification,because any person who studied the process of light’s composition in plants he will know that wood is a consequence from the results of this process that relies on a green material that is generally present within the leaves, and that is a sign from amongst the signs of Allah,and so the plants briefly,take on a role of a producer, that stores the sun heat
within the formation of wood,and this wood can produce heat within any given time.

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