Why did Abraham pbuh see only a planet, a moon, and a sun?

Question 2: Why did Abraham pbuh see only a planet, a moon, and a sun?

Answer: The sun is the Messenger of Allah pbuhap, the moon is Imam Ali pbuh [1], and the planet is Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh. [2]
The sun, moon, and planet in the Kingdom of Heaven were the manifestation of Allah in the creation. For this reason, they were made similar to Abraham pbuh and each of these three is a manifestation to its own extent. And Muhammad, Ali and Al-Qaim pbut, specifically, are the complete manifestation of Allah in the creation in this world. This is because not only are they dispatched, but they are dispatchers as well.

Also because Muhammad pbuhap is the man of clear opening, and he is the one for whom Allah swt opened the like of the eye of a needle, and revealed a part of the veil of Divinity to him, so he saw some of the grand signs of his Lord.[3] And he is the City of Knowledge [4], and the City of Knowledge is a reflection of the city of Divine Perfections or the Divine Essence.

As for Ali, it is because he is the door to the City of Knowledge and he is a part of it, therefore everything that flows out of the City flows out through him. Thus Muhammad pbuhap is the manifestation of Allah swt, and the name of Allah swt in the creation. And Ali is touched by the Essence of Allah. [5] So when Muhammad no longer remains, and none remains except Allah the One, the Conqueror at certain moments, then Ali pbuh becomes the manifestation of Allah swt in the creation, and Fatima pbuh along with him. And she is unique in being the interior of the moon, and the exterior of the sun, and this is why Ali pbuh said,
“If the veil was lifted for me, I would not have increased in certitude,” [6]
because even though the veil was not lifted for him, he is still at the same status as he for whom the veil was lifted.

As for Al-Qaim pbuh, he is the manifestation of the name of Allah swt in his life and before martyrdom for as long as he lives, and worships, and with the perfection of his attributes and sincerity. His prayer is abiding to his piety, and his piety abides to his prayer, as if his worship of Allah swt never abates. And it is because he is the one seated on the throne on the Day of Religion, which is the Day of Minor Judgment, and in the Quran it is the Known Day. And also because he is the Ruler in the name of Allah between the nations on that day, therefore he must be a mirror which reflects the Divine Essence in the creation, so that the ruler is Allah in the creation. Hence the words of the Imam pbuh are the words of Allah, and his judgment is the judgment of Allah, and the sovereignty of the Imam pbuh is the sovereignty of Allah swt. Therefore, on that day the speech of Allah in Surat Al-Fatiha,
{King of the Day of Religion},
is made true. And on that day the Imam pbuh is the eye of Allah, the speaking tongue of Allah, and the hand of Allah. [7]


The Allegories – volume 1

Ahmed Alhasan

[1] Narrated by Abu Baseer that he asked Abu Abdullah pbuh about Allah’s saying, {And the sun and its brightness}. So Abu Abdullah pbuh said, “The sun is Muhammad pbuhap, it is through him that Allah clarified the religion to people.” So I said, {By the moon as it follows it [the sun]}. He said, “That is the Prince of the Believers pbuh.” Then I said, “What about Allah’s saying, {By the day as it shows its [the sun’s] brightness}?” He then said, “That is the Imam from Fatima’s pbuh offspring, he asks the Messenger of Allah pbuh and so he clarifies to whoever asks him. And Allah mentioned him so He said, {By the day as it shows its [the sun’s] brightness}.” So I said, “{By the night as it conceals it [the sun]}.” He said, “Those are the imams of oppression that unjustly took the matter without the family of Muhammad pbuhap. And they took the authority that was designated to the progeny of the Messenger of Allah pbuhap. So they covered the religion of Muhammad pbuhap with oppression and tyranny. Verily, His saying, {By the night as it conceals it [the sun]}.” He said, “The darkness of the night conceals the light of the day…” Bihar Al Anwar: Vol. 24, page 70.
It is also narrated that Ibn Abbas said the Messenger of Allah pbuhap said, “My likeness amongst you is the sun, and the likeness of Ali is the moon. So if the sun becomes absent take guidance from the moon.” Bihar Al Anwar: Vol.24, page 76.

[2] If Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh was paired with the Messenger of Allah pbuhap, Imam Ali pbuh, Fatima Al-Zahra pbuh, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein pbut, then he is the brightly shining planet. Narrated by Imam Al-Sadiq pbuh that his father said that his fathers pbut said that the Prince of the Believers Imam Ali pbuh said, “The Messenger of Allah pbuhap said, ‘When I ascended to the sky, my Lord inspired unto me swt…,’ until he said, ‘…then He swt said, ‘Lift your head,’ so I lifted my head and I saw the lights of Ali , Fatima, Al-Hassan, Al-Hussein, Ali bin Al-Hussein, Muhammad bin Ali, Jafar bin Muhammad, Musa bin Jafar, Ali bin Musa, Muhammad bin Ali and Ali bin Muhammad and also Hassan bin Ali and ‘Muhammad’ Ibn Hassan Al-Qaim [the riser], and Al-Qaim is in the center of them, as if he was a brightly shining planet. I said, ‘O Allah, who are those?’ He swt said, ‘Those are the Imams, and this is Al-Qaim that makes lawful what I made lawful, and forbids what I forbade. Through him I shall take vengeance upon my enemies. Indeed, he is a comfort to my supporters and he is the one who heals the hearts of your followers from [the oppression of] the oppressors, the traitors and the disbelievers…’’” Kamal Al-Deen Wa Tamaam Al-Nima page 252.

[3] It was narrated from Imam Al-Sadiq pbuh in the hadith of Miraj, “So he [Muhammad] looked into the like of the eye of a needle to what Allah has willed from the Light of Greatness. So Allah swt said, ‘O Muhammad.’ So he said, ‘Labbayk my Lord [I comply to you my Lord].’ He said, ‘…’” Al-Kafi: Vol. 1, page 443

[4] It was narrated from the Messenger pbuhap the well-known hadith, “I am the City of Knowledge, and Ali is its door …”

[5] This intepretation clarifies the Messenger’s pbuhap saying about the Prince of the Believers pbuh: “Do not insult Ali for he has been touched by the Essence of Allah.” Al-Ghadeer – Sheikh Al-Ameeni: Vol. 10, page 213

[6] Al-Munaaqib by Ibn Shahr Ashoub: Vol. 1, page 317

[7] Imam Al-Sadiq pbuh said in a long speech with Al-Muffadal bin Omar, “…However, O Muffadal, Al-Qaim pbuh will rest his back on Al-Kabah and he will put his hand out and it is seen as white without defect. He would then say, ‘This is the hand of Allah, [it is] from Allah and by the command of Allah.’ Afterwards he will recite the verse: {Verily, those who pledge allegiance to you pledge allegiance to Allah; the hand of Allah is above theirs. So whoever breaks [his oath] harms only himself}. [The Quran 48:10]…” Bihar Al-Anwar: Vol. 53, page 8.



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