Is Bismillah of Surat Fatiha different from Bismillah of other suras in Quran?

Question 5: Is the Bismillah [0] of Surat Al-Fatiha different from the Bismillah of the other suras in the Quran? And is the Bismillah a part of the sura?

Answer: The Bismillah of Al-Fatiha is the origin [1], and the Bismillah of all suras in the Quran is a reflection of a part of the Bismillah of Al-Fatiha.
The entire Quran is in Al-Fatiha and Al-Fatiha is in its Bismillah, so each Bismillah in the Quran is in the Bismillah of Al-Fatiha, and the Bismillah is a verse from the verses of Al-Fatiha. As for the other suras, the Bismil- lah is a part of the sura but it is not a verse from its verses.

The three names (Allah, Al-Rahman and Al-Raheem) [2]  in the Di- vinity, or the Divine Self, are the pillars of the Greatest, Greatest, Greatest name He. And the three names are the city of divine perfections, which is Allah, and its exterior and interior door, which are Al-Rahman and Al-Raheem.

And these three names in the creation are Muhammad, Ali and Fatima; or the city of knowledge, Muhammad, its exterior and interior door, Ali and Fatima.

And these three names (Allah, Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem) are the pillars of the Greatest, Greatest name:

{Say, “Call unto Allah, or call unto Al-Rahman, unto whichever you call [it is the same] His are the best names.”}[3]

And these three names (Muhammad, Ali and Fatima) are the Greatest name. Muhammad is from Allah, so he is the book of Allah; rather, he is Allah amongst the creation. And Ali and Fatima are from the mercy of Allah, so they are Al-Rahman and Al-Raheem.

{And We bestowed upon them from Our mercy, and We made for them a tongue of sincerity, Aliyya.}[4]


And the Bismillah of Al-Fatiha is Truth, and the Bismillah in every other Sura is an incomplete reflection of the Bismillah of Al-Fatiha; rather, it reflects only an aspect of it. It is as if the Bismillah of Al-Fatiha is in a center surrounded by a collection of mirrors where each one of these mirrors reflects an image from a side different from the other mirrors, and at the same time all suras have it in common that they reflect one Truth and these suras are partners with the Truth as well because they reflect it from a particular side.

So if I give you an example of the Quran, you would find that the Bismillah of Al-Fatiha is a point which all other suras revolve around; rather, the Torah, the Bible and everything brought by the prophets and messengers  pbut.  The  Bismillah  of  Al-Fatiha  is  the  message,  the  allegiance, the beginning, and the end.

Ahmed Alhasan
The Allegories – volume 1


[0] The Bismillah is Bism Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem (In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Intensely Merciful).

[1] The Master of Monotheists Ali pbuh said, “The knowledge of what has already been and what shall be is all in the And the knowledge of the Quran is in Surat Al-Fatiha, and the knowledge of Al-Fatiha is in Bism Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem.” Noor Al-Braheen by Sayyed Nimat Allah Al-Jazairi Vol. 1 page 315.

[2] the Merciful and the Intensely Merciful

[3] The Quran 17:110.

[4] The Quran 19:50. (Abu Baseer narrated that Imam Al-Sadiq pbuh said about the verse {And We bestowed upon them from Our mercy, and We made for them a tongue of sincerity, Aliyya.} He pbuh said, “Aliyya meaning the Prince of Believers, Ali pbuh.Bihar Al-Anwar 36 page 59.—Trans.)

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