What are the names which Allah taught Adam?

Question 12: What are the names which Allah swt taught Adam pbuh?

Answer: He taught him the names of Allah, meaning He introduced him to a part of their truth which the angels had no capacity to know. And He introduced him to the truth of Allah’s names amongst the creation. Muhammad and his progeny pbut, and the prophets and messengers pbut are the names of Allah in the creation, meaning they are the mani- festation and appearance of Allah’s names swt. [1]

Also,  all  that  exists  is  a  manifestation  and  appearance  of  Allah’s names, even the rug we sit on. And since the nature of Adam, or of a human being in general, qualifies him to know the names of Allah by a far greater rank than the rank of the angels and by a broader horizon, Adam pbuh therefore had an advantage over the angels; rather, every human being who walks to Allah and reaches the knowledge of Allah’s names swt has this advantage.

So the submission and obedience of the angels to Adam, and their consideration of him as a path for them which by this path they know what they can know from Allah’s names, is an inevitable matter due to his advantage [over them] which does not change unless a human being would relapse.

{So set your face towards the religion, against the path of others, that is the nature of Allah which He has made as the nature of all people. There is no altering Allah’s creation, that is the right religion but most people do not know.} [The Quran 30:30]

Ahmed Alhasan
The Allegories – volume 1


[1] Abu Abdullah pbuh said about the saying of Allah swt, “Allah has the most beautiful names, so ask Him by them,” “I swear by Allah that we are the most beautiful names, and Allah accepts no work from the worshippers unless it is by knowing us.” Al-Kafi Vol. 1 page 143.


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