Is Iblis (satan) from the Angels or from the Jinn?

Question 16: Is Iblis from the Angels or from the Jinn?

Answer: Iblis (Allah curse him) is from the Jinn [1], but as a result of his worship, he rose in rank until he had become from the Angels, as Jinn rise in rank by their worship and obedience to Allah, until they become Angels. But eventually, Iblis (Allah curse him) rebelled against the command of Allah, because of the the “I”, so he fell to the bottom of hell. That is why the Quran would sometimes mention Iblis as an Angel [2], and as a Jinn at other times [3]. And the Prince of Believers pbuh, in his sermon AlQasia, mentions Iblis as an Angel. [4]

Therefore, both are correct at the stage prior to the command to prostrate to Adam, in respect to where Iblis had reached and in respect to the origin of Iblis (Allah curse him).

Ahmed Alhasan
The Allegories – volume 1


[1] Jameel Bin Al-Darraj narrated that he asked Abu Abdullah pbuh, “Was Iblis from the angels? And did he reach anything from the matters of the skies?” So he pbuh said, “Iblis was not from the angels, and he did not reach anything from the matters of the skies. He was with the Jinn and with the angels. And the angels would see him as if he was one of them, but Allah knows that he is not. So when Allah commanded the prostration, he did what he did.” Bihar Al-Anwar Vol. 11 page 119.

[2] Allah swt said, {And We said unto the angels, prostrate to Adam, so they prostrated except for Iblis}. The Quran 2:34.

[3] Allah swt said, {Except for Iblis, he was of the Jinn so he disobeyed his Lord’s command}. The Quran 18:50.

[4] Ali pbuh said, “Learn a lesson from what Allah has done to Iblis. He dismissed his long and hard work, and he had worshipped Allah for six thousand years, and it is not known whether they were from the years of this world or the hereafter. So who after Iblis can be considered a Muslim when committing the same disobedience as his? No, verily Allah swt would not let a human being enter heaven by committing an action which expelled an angel.” Nahjul Balaga, Sermon 191, known as Al- Qasia.

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