If I wished I would have transmitted the monotheism from Al-Samad

Question 38: It was narrated from Al-Baqir that which meant, “If I wished, I would have transmitted the monotheism from Al-Samad” [2], so what is the meaning of this narration, and how does he transmit the monotheism from Al-Samad?


Answer: Al-Samad [1] is the Intended for the Needs, and He is the Filled with Perfection thus there is no gap within Him, and if the sane human becomes sick who would he go to except The Healer? And if he becomes hungry, thirsty, or poor who would he go to except The Rich? And if he becomes ignorant who would he go to except The Knowledgeable? And if he becomes angry who would he go to except The Forbearing? And if and if… And if he wanted to eliminate his imperfection from every angle who would he intend toward except the Source of Perfection Whose abundance of giving does not decrease His generosity and magnanimity, it rather causes them to increase. So from Al-Samad the servant who is going [to Allah] knows the walk to Allah .


So Allah is The Forbearing, The Generous, The Compassionate, The Forgiving, The Capable, The Conqueror, The Compeller, The Rich, The Knowledgeable, The Wise and all the names of Allah which He wished to show His creation, so He is Al-Samad meaning the Intended One in all these names and attributes.

Ahmed Alhasan
The Allegories – volume 2


[1] Al-Samad: The complete that holds no imperfection.

[2] He said as he was answering a delegation visiting him from Palestine “…If I found for the knowledge that Allah the Majestic has given me carriers, I would have revealed the monotheism, Islam, believing, religion, and verdicts from Al-Samad…” Bihar Al-Anwar Part 3 Page 225.


  1. That everything is present in just One Being is for a lot of people incredible, but they should know that The Maker God (Al-Khaaliq = The Creator) has everything in Him and has all Power to make or destroy it.

    By their unbelief lots of people have created for themselves loads of gods and even came to say that some of those gods were still one god (cfr the Trinity in some Christian groups) But the world shall one day come to hear and see that there is Only One True God, Who is above all those other gods and idols.


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