Verily We have given you seven of the praises and the great Quran

Question 24: What is meant by the seven praises?


Answer: Allah swt said,

{Verily We have given you seven of the praises and the great Quran.} [The Quran 15:87]

The praises in this verse are the verses of Surat Al-Fatiha.

And the word praises is obtained from the word praise, which means to acclaim and give thanks, as the verses of Surat Al-Fatiha are seven verses, and all of them are verses that praise Allah swt. For that reason, they are called the seven praises.

And the Messenger pbuhap, in this case, is the one who praises, which means the one who acclaims and gives thanks. And if you named it [Surat Al-Fatiha] The Praise (Al-Hamd ), then the Prophet pbuhap would be the one who praises (Al-Hamid ) or the praised one, Muhammad, and Ahmed.

And the entire Quran is in Al-Fatiha, which is why Allah singled out His favor unto the Prophet pbuhap in the Blessed Al-Fatiha. And since the Quran is an elaboration of Al-Fatiha, the entire Quran becomes a praise of Allah swt to the people of the Quran. Thus, it is correct to call the entire Quran by the word praises. Allah swt said,

{Allah has revealed the finest of statements, consistent Scripture [and] praises, which makes the skins of those who fear their Lord tremble, and then their skins and hearts soften for the remembrance of Allah. That is the guidance of Allah, He guides by it whoever He wishes. And whoever loses Allah has no guide.}[The Quran 39:23] 

And the speaking praises are the Imams pbut, and they are seven verses of praise upon the Messenger pbuhap in this Earth and in all the worlds.

The angels take pride in serving and following them, and striking the enemies of Allah between their hands, and they are,

“Ali, Fatima, Al-Hassan, Al-Hussein, and the eight Imams who are the progeny of Al-Hussein, and Al-Qaim Al-Mahdi pbuh, and the Imams from the progeny of Al-Qaim Al-Mahdi pbuh.” And it is narrated from them pbut, “that they are the praises.”

{We have given you seven of the praises and the great Quran.}


The remnant of the progeny of Muhammad pbut The strong corner Ahmed Alhasan

The successor and messenger of Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh to all people The one supported by Gabriel, Michael and Israphiel

A progeny descending one from another, and Allah is the Hearer and Knower

Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf

1st Thul-Hijjah 1424 Hijri


Ahmed Alhasan
The Allegories – volume 1

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