What is the meaning of the word Israel? Does the six-pointed star belong to the Zionists?

Question 23: What is the meaning of the word Israel? Are the Zionists present in Palestine today the children of Israel, or the remainder of them? Does the six-pointed star belong to the Zionists? And what is the meaning of the six-pointed star?


Answer: Israel means Abdullah (the servant of Allah). And some Jews present in the Holy Land are from the descendants of Prophet Jacob pbuh, and he is Abdullah, and according to the Jews he is Israel.

And according to the Jews, the six-pointed star is the Star of David, and it means the Victorious. And to them it is a sign of the awaited reformer, who is the Prophet Elijah pbuh, who ascended long before the dispatch of Jesus pbuh. And they are awaiting his return, and he is currently one of the ministers of Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh.

As previously mentioned, Israel means Jacob, but the truth is that Israel means Abdullah, and it means Muhammad pbuhap.

And the children of Israel are the progeny of Muhammad pbu- hap, and their followers are as well; rather, all Muslims are in general as it is mentioned in the Quran. In the interpretation of Al-Ayashi and others:
Haron bin Muhammad said, “I asked Abu Abdullah pbuh about the Almighty’s saying, {O children of Israel}. He pbuh said, ‘We, in particular, are them.’

Muhammad bin Ali said, “I asked Al-Sadiq pbuh about the saying of Allah, {O children of Israel}. He said, ‘It is particular to the progeny of Muhammad pbuhap.’


In the book of Sunan Abi Dawood, from the Prophet pbuhap, that he said,
“I am Abdullah, my name is Ahmed. And I am Abdullah, my name is Israel. So whatever He has commanded him [meaning Israel], then I am commanded by it. And whatever concerns him, concerns me.” [Tafseer of Ayyashi: Vol. 1, page 44]

Therefore, some of the verses are specifically about the Imams, [1] and in these verses, none other than they pbut are from the children of Israel.

Allah swt said,
{O children of Israel, remember My grace which I had bestowed upon you and that I verily favored you over the worlds ۝ And fear a day where no soul will reward another and no compensation is to be accepted from it, and no intercession will be of use to it, nor will they be supported.}. [The Quran 2:122–123]

{O children of Israel}: meaning O progeny of Muhammad pbut.

{Remember My grace}: meaning the grace of allegiance and Imamate, and domination over all worlds.

{And that I, verily, favored you over the worlds}: meaning by knowing Me (knowing Allah swt), and knowing His names.

And it is known that Muhammad and his progeny are the ones favored over the worlds. Neither the children of Jacob, nor anybody else, are preferred over Muhammad’s progeny pbut.

{And fear a day}: It is the day of death, and it is the only day that has no intercession. Thus, the torture at death is something no one can survive except whoever was in this world [only] by his body and had his heart attached to the people of the seventh sky. Therefore, he was not tied to this world by ropes and attachments that require cutting and ripping out, which would cause the torture.

And those who survive the torture of the death are the ones brought near. Allah swt said,

{Thus if he was from those brought near ۝ Then breath of life, basil and a heaven of delight}, [The Quran 56:88–89]

meaning at the moment of his death, and the masters of the ones brought near are Muhammad and his progeny pbut.


And some verses about the children of Israel are particular to the Shia and the Shia clerics. Allah swt said,

{And when a messenger from Allah came to them, confirming what was with them, a party of those who have been given the Scripture abandoned the Scripture of Allah behind their backs as if they do not know ۝ And they followed what the satans recited about the sovereignty of Solomon. Solomon did not disbelieve but the satans did.} [The Quran 2:101-102]


{And when a messenger from Allah came to them}: meaning a messenger from Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh, because after the dispatch of the complete human—

“Your complete word and your words which you have bestowed upon all the worlds,”

and those [words] are Muhammad and his progeny—the message from Allah swt was sealed and a new era began; this era being the message from  the  Messenger  Muhammad  and  his  progeny  pbut,  as  Muhammad’s  progeny  are  messengers  from  Muhammad  pbuhap.  They  take their knowledge from him pbuhap through inspiration, or through the angels, or directly from him pbuhap. Therefore, Prophet Muhammad pbuhap is

“The seal of whom came before, and the initiator of those yet to come,”

meaning he is the seal of the dispatch from Allah, and the initiator of the dispatch from himself pbuhap, and from his progeny pbut.

And  verily,  it  is  proven  to  the  Shia  that  Imam  Al-Mahdi  pbuh dispatches Muhammad bin Al-Hassan, the Pure Soul, to the people of Mecca fifteen days before his emergence, and so they kill him. [Refer to Bihar Al-Anwar: Vol. 52, pages 203, 307] So, if this dispatch is correct, then the other dispatches are also correct.

{confirming what was with them}: of knowledge which the Shia have inherited from Ahlul Bayt pbut, that Al-Mahdi pbuh is truth, and that he rises with the sword, and that before his rising there are ones who pave the way for his sovereignty, and that he has a lineage, and after him there are twelve Mahdis from his lineage, and that they, the Shia, are certain, based on narrations from them pbut, that if the earth was free of an Imam, it would have been consumed along with its people. [2]  So, after the killing (or as some believe the death) of Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh, by whom shall the earth stabilize if it were not by one of his sons, the successors after him, and the Imams, the Mahdis, as in the narrations about them pbut?

In the Friday prayer in which Ibn Tawoos (may Allah have mercy upon him) said—and he was of those who met Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh, rather he narrated from him pbuh at the time of the major occultation— “If you left the favored prayer which is before Al-Asr prayer on Friday for any reason whatsoever, then never leave this prayer, for a reason which Allah (m) has informed us.” And then he mentioned that prayer, and at the end of that prayer the Imam pbuh says,

“And pray [O Allah] upon Your successor, meaning Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh, and the successors of Your covenant, and the Imams from his lineage. And make their lives longer, and make them reach the utmost of their hopes in religion, this world, and the hereafter. Verily, You are capable of everything.” [Mafateeh Al-Jinan: page 85]


It is mentioned in a narration that he settles in Al-Sahla Mosque with his family. [3]  And it is narrated that after him there are eleven Mahdis from his lineage pbuh. [4]

And the narrations are many which I will not look into now, but I mentioned some of them as a proof against the ones who are stubborn and arrogant upon Allah and His successors. And whoever wants the knowledge in the quest for truth can refer to the books of narrations and read for himself.

{A party of those who have been given the Scripture abandoned the Scripture of Allah behind their backs as if they do not know}: These are some of the Shia clerics and their followers in particular. And the Scripture which they abandoned behind their backs is the Quran, and Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh, and the narrations from the people of Infallibility, and the ones who pave the way for Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh and his dispatch of them. They denied the truth when it came to them, and they said he is a magician or a madman, or he is possessed by Jinn; as if they do not know that this is the truth from Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh.

{And they followed what the satans recited about the sovereignty  of Solomon}: Meaning some of the Shia clerics. They followed the path of the previous nations, and their accusations about the prophets and messengers pbuh, and they said this is from the Jinn (the satans). The sovereignty of Solomon means the sovereignty of Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh.


{Solomon did not disbelieve but the satans did}: and since Imam Al- Mahdi pbuh is the Imam of the Mankind and Jinn, he dispatches his messenger to Mankind and Jinn. So, just as some humans believe, some disbelieve, some become hypocrites, and some believe then they apostate and so on; likewise, from the Jinn the same thing takes place as that which takes place with humans.

Also, the great matter of Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh, which represents the end of Iblis (Allah curse him) and his soldiers of satans from Mankind and Jinn, how can it [this great matter] not be exposed to craftiness from the satans of Jinn and their deception, craftiness and castings into the cause of Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh, which this time represents the end of their entire falsehood?


Some verses about the children of Israel are particular to the Muslims who did injustice to Muhammad’s progeny pbut. The Almighty said,

{And We decreed for the children of Israel in the Scripture, “You will verily corrupt in the earth twice and you will be of great tyranny.” ۝ So when the first promise came, We sent against you servants of Ours of great might who ravaged through the country, and it was a promise fulfilled.} [The Quran 17:4–5] 

{And We decreed for the children of Israel…be of great tyranny.”}: The first corruption from this nation was by killing Fatima and Imam Ali pbuh. And the second corruption was by killing Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein pbut. And the great tyranny was because of their violation of the sanctity of Al-Hussein pbuh, mutilation of his pure body, and the lifting of his head over a spear; whereas, he is the fifth of the People of the Cloak, and the best of creation of Allah after Muhammad, Ali, Fatima and Al-Hassan pbuh. And the dispatched servants in the first instance were Al-Mukhtar and his soldiers, whom Allah swt empowered over the murderers of Al-Hussein pbuh, so they killed them.

{So when the time for the promise of the hereafter comes, they disgrace your faces and they enter the mosque just like they did the first time, and to destroy with utter destruction all which you were tyrants by.} [The Quran 17:7]: These are the companions of Al-Qaim pbuh and his supporters. Allah will empower them until they possess the East and the West of the earth with their master Muhammad bin Al-Hassan Al-Mahdi pbuh. And Al- lah shall use them to humiliate every disbeliever, hypocrite, and doubter.

{It may be that your Lord will have mercy upon you.}[The Quran 17:8]: meaning O Muslims, perhaps your Lord will have mercy upon you by your following of Al-Qaim, and supporting him, and acknowledging that he is an Imam who all people are obligated to obey and support, as they are also obligated to support his followers and fight his enemies.

{Verily, this Quran guides to which is most straight.}[The Quran 17:9]: meaning that the previous verses from Surat Al-Isra guides you to which is most straight, which is the straight path, meaning Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh.


{And gives glad tidings to the believers who do good deeds that there will be a great reward for them.}[The Quran 17:9]: And give glad tidings to the believers in Al-Qaim pbuh, and who work for his emergence, as paving the way for the rise of Al-Qaim pbuh is the good deeds, and it is the prayer, and it is the best of work.

{And those who do not believe in the hereafter, for them We have pre- pared a painful doom.}[The Quran 17:10]: The hereafter is Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh and the ones who pave the way for him pbuh, and it is the Kingdom of the Heavens and the earth, and it is the righteous visions of the believer, and it is the nature of Allah upon which He created people. And those who disbelieve in the hereafter are disbelievers, even if they claim to be Muslims.


As for the six-pointed star, it is from the inheritance of the prophets, which Al-Qaim Muhammad bin Al-Hassan Al-Mahdi pbuh inherited, and it symbolizes him pbuh, and it means the victorious and sup- ported. And the Zionist Jews stole this star, and adopted it as an emblem for themselves, and as a symbol for their awaiting of the promised global reformer; and according to them, as I mentioned previously, he is Prophet Elijah pbuh. And whoever insults this star and curses it is like he who curses the words Allahu Akbar that Saddam (Allah curse him) has placed on the flag of Iraq. Thus, he will be of those who curse the inheritance of the prophets pbut.

Therefore this star is the star of Al-Mahdi pbuh. And it is narrated from them pbut,

“If the banner of truth appears, the people of the East and the West curse it.” [5]


So be cautious, O believers, because if the curse does not find a target, it returns to the one who said it, as mentioned by the Prophet pbuhap. [6] And David pbuh is our David, and Solomon pbuh is our Solomon, and the temple is our temple (we Muslims), and not the temple of the Zionist Jews, the murderers of the prophets. And the Holy Land is our land, and it must be freed and opened, and the flag of There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and Ali is the successor of Allah must be raised in it.

{Verily, the ones most deserving of Abraham are those who followed him, and this prophet and those who believe. And Allah is the sup- porter of the believers.}The Quran 3:68

And the last of our prayers is that all Praises are due to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds.

Ahmed Alhasan
The Allegories – volume 1


[1] Sayyed Ahmed Alhasan pbuh said, “Some of the verses,” because there are some verses that rebuke the children of Israel, and these verses refer to those who claim to be Shia, yet they failed the progeny of Muhammad pbuhap. Therefore, they are similar to the children of Israel who had claimed to belong to and support the prophets, but failed to do so, except a few of them. {We took the covenant of the children of Israel and We sent messengers to them. Whenever a messenger came to them with that which their souls did not desire, some of them denied and some killed [the messenger].} [The Quran 5:70]

[2] Muhammad bin Al-Futheil said that he asked Imam Al-Retha pbuh, “Would the earth remain without an Imam?” He pbuh said, “No,” so Muhammad said, “We narrate from Abu Abdullah pbuh that it does not remain without an Imam, except when Allah Swt is angry with the people of the earth or his worshippers,” so Al-Retha pbuh said, “No, it will not remain and therefore it will consume its people.” Al-Kafi: Vol. 1, page 277, hadith 11.

[3] Imam Al-Sadiq pbuh said, “It is as if I can see the descent of Al-Qaim pbuh in the mosque of Al-Sahla with his people and his” Bihar Al-Anwar: Vol. 52, page 317. And also in, Mustadrak Al-Wasail Vol. 3, page 414.

[4] Abu Hamza narrated that Abu Abdullah pbuh said in a long narration, “O Abu Hamza, after Al- Qaim there are eleven Mahdis, from us, from the children of Al-Hussein pbuh.” Ghaibat Al-Tusi page 309.

[5] It is reported that Obban bin Taghlub said, “I heard Abu Abdullah pbuh saying, ‘If the banner of truth appeared, the people of the East and West will curse it, do you know why?’ I said no, so he said, ‘Because of what the people shall find from his progeny before his emergence.’Bihar Al-Anwar: Vol. 52, page 363.

[6] Abu Hamza Al-Thamali narrated that Abu Jafar pbuh said, “If a curse comes out of a man, it hesitates, it either finds a target or else returns to the man who said” Al-Kafi: Vol. 2, page 360.

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