Woe unto those who pray

Question 20: What is the meaning of Allah’s swt saying,
{Woe unto those who pray}, in Surat Al-Maun?


Answer: In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Intensely Merciful,

{Have you seen him who denies the religion? ۝ That is he who re- jects the orphan ۝ and urges not feeding the poor ۝ Woe unto those who pray ۝ who are heedless of their prayer ۝ those who dissemble ۝ and prevent support.}. [The Quran 107:1–7]

{Have you seen him who denies the religion?}: The question here is directed to the believer, and it is an inquiry about a person whose result is denial of the recompense and Resurrection, or in fact denial of the existence of Allah swt.

The origin of denying the new religion and he who brought it, who is Muhammad pbuhap, is disbelieving in Allah and the hereafter, even if the disbelievers did not declare this. However, this result did not come without introductions, rather it came from real introductions, which are denying the orphan his right, and by orphan, meaning the individual amongst his people whom no one comes before him in manners, honor, obedience to Allah, and knowledge of Allah, and they are the prophets, and messengers pbut, and the Imams pbut. Therefore, he who denies the recompense does not accept that they advance over him, because he is infected with the disease of Iblis (“I am better than he), so he does not accept to be advanced over by he who is better than him.

Moreover, his characteristics include stealing the money of the orphans, the widows, and the poor. And those who seize the money of the poor, and enjoy it with those related to them, are always the deviant clerics who fight the prophets, messengers, and Imams pbut. The devi- ant clerics from the children of Israel fought Moses pbuh, and the clerics of the Jews fought Jesus pbuh, [1]  the clerics of the Ahnaf [followers of Abraham —Trans.]  and the Jews fought Muhammad pbuhap, and the misguided clerics of this nation fought the Imams pbut.

And it is not as some would think, that only the Sunni clerics have fought the Imams pbut, rather the Shia clerics have fought them as well. The heads of the Shia clerics have fought Imam Ali bin Mousa Al-Retha pbuh and they tried to deny him his right, for no reason other than to have the money of charity for themselves and to claim the false religious leadership.

From these misguided clerics, who are seemingly Shia, is Ali bin Hamza Al-Bataini, who is one of the companions of Imam Mosa bin Jafar Al-Sadiq pbuh, and one of the head Shia scholars. But when Imam Mosa bin Jafar Al-Sadiq pbuh was martyred, Ali bin Hamza Al-Bataini fought Imam Al-Retha pbuh, but the Shia youth thwarted those deviant clerics, maintained the creed, and clarified the falsehood of those oppressive clerics. Amongst those youth is Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Abu Nasr Al-Beizanti, and he is one of the finest praised companions of Imam Al-Retha pbuh.

As a result, the oppressive deviant clerics, and their supporters, and followers are the ones who deny the orphans their rank, and they do not advocate giving the poor their rights.

The orphans and the poor are the prophets, messengers and Imams  pbut, [2]   because  they  are  submissive  and  subservient  to  Allah, rather than arrogant, meaning they are poor, so no one comes close to them, as each one of them is a unique individual in his nation, meaning he is an orphan.

{Woe unto those who pray.}: means woe unto those who wait. Each messenger has been foretold by the previous prophets, messengers, and Imams pbut, and there are a group of believers in him who wait for him, but unfortunately, at the end of the path, there has always been tremendous failure from those who waited. The Jewish clerics failed to wait for Jesus pbuh, as when he came to them, they denied him, even though they were waiting for him. And the Jewish and Ahnaf clerics failed to wait for Muhammad pbuhap, as the Jews established the city of Yathrib to receive Prophet Muhammad pbuhap when he would rise, so when he rose in Mecca and migrated to Yathrib, many of them denied him and did not believe in him. [3]

And this is a followed course, and today it is repeated with Al-Qa- im pbuh, as the Shia clerics are waiting for him but fighting him today. Therefore this is a paradox just like the paradox of the words Woe and prayer in the verse. How can woe be unto those who pray? Yes, woe unto them, because they pray opposite to Al-Qiblah. They want Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh to come according to their desires and mental fabrications. They want Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh to come to them, and ask for their  permission  in  dispatching  whoever  he  dispatches  to  the  people, and give them his plan of action pbuh, so they can state their conditions regarding it, as they are the Imams [leaders] of the Book, not that the Book is their Imam! [4]

{Who are heedless of their prayer}: those who are made heedless by this world and panting after it, those who are heedless of Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh, as working between his hands is the best prayer a believer can do. [5]  Those are the anticipating failure, whose consequence was great loss,  when  they  abandoned  working  between  the  hands  of  Imam  Al- Mahdi pbuh, and they denied his successor and messenger.

And this is the time when the people are

“Drunk and confused, they are neither Muslims nor Christians,” [6]

as you find him dressed in a turban and a religious robe, whether Shia or Sunni; and at another time you find him receiving (……), who has no interest in him, or in his country, except to demolish Islam; and at an- other time he says, “Peace be upon you, Messenger of Allah Muhammad pbuhap, peace be upon you, Abu Abdullah Al-Hussein pbuh.” And at another time you find him calling for the American democracy and elections, so he would be a Christian of western desire, because Islam and its constitution, the Quran, reject any elections; and we do not know anything from the Messenger pbuhap, the Imams pbut, or the Quran which is amongst us as we skim through it other than the assignment from Allah, or from the infallible pbuh which is also from Allah; rather, all the Divine religions concur with the exception of he who followed his desire.

Here are the children of Israel, mentioned in the story of Saul in

Surat Al-Baqara; they do not assign a king themselves, rather ask their prophet to ask Allah to assign a king for them. The Almighty said,
{Have you not seen the leaders of the children of Israel after Moses, they said unto their prophet, “Send us a king and we will fight in the way of Allah.”}. [The Quran 2:246

And the Almighty said,
{Say O Allah! Owner of Sovereignty! You give sovereignty unto whom You will, and You withdraw sovereignty from whom You will.}. [The Quran 3:26]


So the sovereignty is a sovereignty of Allah, not a sovereignty of people, as the one who assigns is Allah.

Unfortunately, many of the ignorant and foolish people flatter and try to draw closer to those deviant clerics, the Christians; rather, the truth is for the people to call them American clerics. [7]  And they say that  they  are  scholars  made  silent  by  their  wisdom;  if  only  they  had stayed silent, but they were quiet for an eon and when they spoke, they spoke in disbelief.

Therefore the result that Al-Sistani, and the likes of him, came to is that, “the constitution is established by the people and the ruler is assigned by the people, their affairs are a matter of counsel. And Muhammad and Ali pbut, in the opinion of those ignorant ones, are mistaken. And the matter which you inquire about is settled, and the sovereignty, in the opinion of Al-Sistani, belongs to Satan!”

They are certainly dissemblers, and all their work is dissemblance. Their crying over Al-Hussein pbuh is dissemblance, and their prayer is dissemblance, their goal from these actions being to occupy the hearts of people, and occupy the rotten worldly positions like worldly presidency.

{They who dissemble.} [8]


{And prevent support}: those are the deviant clerics who failed in wait- ing for Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh, as they do not stop with denying Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh and his successor and messenger; but rather, they pre- vent people from fighting between his hands, and fighting the disbelievers who invaded the Islamic countries. Those cowardly traitorous clerics are as Allah swt described them to the Prophet pbuhap in the Narration of  Al-Miraj, [9]   that  they  do  not  stop  with  failing  Al-Mahdi  pbuh,  but rather they prevent people from supporting him, [10] so may the curse of Allah be upon the oppressors who prevent support.

Ahmed Alhasan
The Allegories – volume 1


[1] Jesus pbuh said, “You work for this world while you are provided with sustenance without working, and you do not work for the hereafter while you are not provided with its sustenance without working. And you evil clerics, you collect the pay and you omit the work. The Lord of work is about to ask for His work, and you are about to exit from this wide world to the darkness and narrowness of the grave. Allah swt forbids you to sin, just as He commanded you to fast and pray. How can a man be from the people of knowledge if he is not content with that which is bestowed upon him, and he despised its rank while he knows it is from the knowledge and ability of Allah? How can a man be from the people of knowledge if he blames Allah for what He decided for him, and so he is not satisfied with anything that happens to him? How can a man be from the people of knowledge if he favors this world over his hereafter, as he seeks this world, and favors what harms him over what benefits him? How can a man be from the people of knowledge if he asks for speech [from the infallible] just to talk about it, and does not ask in order to work by it?” Munyat Al-Moreed by the second martyr Al-Shaheed Al-Sadr page 141.

[2] It is narrated from Abaya bin Rabie that Ibn Abbas said that he was asked about Allah’s saying, {Did He not find you an orphan and protect you?} [The Quran 93:6]. He said, “He is called an orphan, because there is no one like him, neither from the previous ones, nor the later ones, so He the Almighty said, reminding him of His favors, {Did He not find you an orphan and protect you?}, meaning alone without anyone like you.” Bihar Al-Anwar: Vol. 61, page 142.

[3] It is narrated that Isaac bin Ammar said that he asked Abu Abdullah pbuh about Allah’s swt saying, {And before that they used to initiate calling the disbelievers [to the religion], and when there came to them that which they had already known, they disbelieved in it.} [The Quran 2:89]. And he pbuh said, “They were a group of people in the time between Muhammad and Jesus pbuh, who used to threaten the idolaters by the Prophet pbuhap, and they would say, ‘A prophet shall emerge, who will shatter your idols, and take vengeance upon you,’ but when the Messenger of Allah pbuhap emerged, they disbelieved in him.” Al-Kafi Vol. 8, page 310

[4] As they were described in the words of The Prince of Believers pbuh as he says, “The Quran and its people will be exiled and expelled. They will be companions keeping together on one path, but no one will offer them asylum. Consequently, at this time the Quran and its people will be among the people but not amongst them, will be with them but not within them, because misguidance cannot accord with guidance even though they may be together. The people will have united on division and will therefore have cut away from the community, as though they were the leaders of the Quran and not the Quran their leader. Nothing of it will be left with them except its name, and they will know nothing save its writing and its words…” Al-Kafi: Vol. 8, page 388.

[5] Dawood bin Katheer said, ‘I said to Abu Abdullah pbuh, Are you the prayers in the Book of Allah swt? Are you the Zakat? Are you the pilgrimage?’ He said, “O Dawood! We are the Zakat, we are the fasting, we are the pilgrimage, we are the forbidden months, we are the Forbidden City, we are the Kaaba of Allah, we are Al-Qiblah of Allah and we are the face of Allah. Allah swt said, {And wheresoever you turn, there is the face of Allah} [The Quran 2:115], and we are the verses and we are the clear proofs.” Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 24, page 303.

[6] The Prophet pbuhap said, “A time will come to people when hearing a man’s name is better than meeting him, and if you meet him then it is better than testing him, and if you test him then he will show you all kinds of scenarios. Their religion is their money, their biggest concern is their stomachs, their women are their Qibla, they bow to bread and prostrate to money, drunk and confused, they are neither Muslims nor Christians.” Bihar Al-Anwar: Vol. 17, page 166.

[7] Because the Holy Quran says, {O believers, do not take the Jews and the Christians as leaders. They lead one another. He amongst you who takes them as leaders is verily from them. Verily, Allah does not guide the unjust people.} [The Quran 5:51]. And the ignorant and foolish people today are not following the Jews and Chrisitians, but they are following the American democracy, so they have become (from them) as stated in the Holy Quran.

[8] Jesus pbuh spoke to them saying, “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, for you devour widows’ houses, and you only make long prayers for show. Therefore you shall receive the greatest torment.” The Book of Matthew 23:14.

[9] In the Narration of Al-Miraj from Prophet Muhammad pbuhap, he pbuhap said, “…I said, ‘O Lord, and when will that be?’ i.e. the emergence of Al-Qaim pbuh, so Allah inspired to me, ‘That shall be when knowledge has disappeared and ignorance has appeared, the reciters increase and the practicing ones decrease, the murders increase and the guiding clerics decrease, and the treacherous clerics of misguidance increase.’.” Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 51, page 70.

[10] And this is how Jesus pbuh described the clerics of the Jews, who cut the way off for people with the excuse that they are the clerics of religion, and they would know the Messiah if he was sent, so he pbuh said, “The evil clerics are like a rock that falls on the mouth of a river, it does not drink, nor does it allow the water to reach the plants.” The Knowledge and Wisdom in The Book by Muhammad Al- Reeshihry, page 446.

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