If I were given all seven territories

Ali Ibn Abi Talib pbuh said, ‘I swear, if I were given all seven territories and everything under their control just to disobey God and take a grain of barley from an ant, I would not do it. To me, this world of yours is worth less than a leaf being chewed in a locust’s mouth.’

What does Ali have to do with comfort that fades and enjoyment that doesn’t last? We take refuge in God from the sleepiness of intellect and ugly mistakes, and we seek His help.
This is Islam and this is the doctrine of the People of the House [Ahlul Bayt a.s] because Islam and the doctrine of Muhammad’s family consists of noble principles and morals, justice, equality, and avoiding injustice and tyranny. The family of Muhammad’s followers adopt their moral approach and their clear noble principles. They do not claim to be their supporters while oppressing, tyrannizing, killing, and murdering innocent people.

*published on February 5th 2021

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