Trump and his likes are controlled by their selfishness

The Earth Was Saved from Trump

Trump and his likes are controlled by their selfishness. They do not care about what happens to the earth and its ecosystem, which is moving towards collapse to the point of no return within two to three decades, no more. This collapse will lead to complete erosion of land and ultimately, the loss of water and life. These people do not care about the coming generations and the suffering they may face.

Trump and his likes outright deny global warming, even though it is hitting them in the face with events such as forest fires and huge, frequent environmental disasters.

They continue to destroy the earth and its ecosystem and insist upon Earth’s destruction for narrow self-interests, such as staying in power thanks to the support of ignorant people who are selfish and do not care about all this destruction, collapse, and the edge of the abyss we have reached on this earth.

published on November 8th 2020

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