First Mahdi mentioned in the Will of Muhammad sawas. and the Yamani mentioned in the hadiths of Ahlul Bayt is Ahmed Alhasan a.s


Biography Of Ahmed Alhasan (as) & The History Of His Call In Brief


Brief Introduction

He is the First Mahdi (as) and messenger of Imam Mahdi (as) who is mentioned in the Will of Prophet Muhammad (s) which was written during the night of his (s) passing.

His name is: Imam Ahmed ; son of Sayyid Ismaeel ; son of Sayyid Salih ; son of Sayyid Hussein ; son of Sayyid Salman ; son of Imam Muhammad (12th Imam)

Ahmed used to live in Basra in the South of Iraq. He finished his academic studies and obtained a Bachelors degree in civil engineering. Then he moved to Najaf Al-Ashraf and resided there for the purpose of learning the religious sciences. After his acquaintance of the study groups and academic curriculum in the Hawza of Najaf, he found out the teaching (level) is low-grade (and he says: I do not say this from myself). For example, he found a huge defect in the curriculum in that they study the Arabic language, logic, philosophy, the principles of jurisprudence, the knowledge of speech, creeds and jurisprudence (the legitimate laws), yet they never study the Holy Quran or honorable Sunna (narrations of the prophet Muhammad’s (s) or the Imams (as)); as such, they do not study the divine manners which the believers should possess.

For that reason he decided to stay isolated in his house and study their sciences on his own without seeking the help of anyone. He used to only stay in contact with some of them and they stayed in contact with him. And he did not study in the Hawza, rather, he was in the Hawza Ilmiya and among the scholars just like how Mary (Mother of Jesus (as)) was in the temple and among the Jewish scholars. Regarding the reason for his affiliation with the Hawza Ilmiya in Najaf, it was because he saw a vision of Imam Mahdi (as) who ordered him to go to the Hawza ilmiya in Najaf. He (as) also informed him in the vision of what will happen to him, and everything he told him in the vision truly happened.


Start & Location Of The Call

Several years before 1999 Sayyid Ahmed (as) used to meet with his father Imam Mahdi (as) in the physical world. And Sayyid Ahmed used to learn from his (as) knowledge and walk in his footsteps. In the year 1999, by the order of Imam Mahdi (as), Sayyid Ahmed started to intensely criticise the falsehood (existing) in the Hawza. He requested of them Scientific, Practical and Financial Reformations. After the initiation of criticism and the requesting of reformations which continued till 2002, Imam Mahdi (as) ordered Sayyid Ahmed Alhasan to announce to people that he is a messenger from Imam Mahdi (as).

The calling (Da’wa) of people to believe in Sayyid Ahmed Alhasan began in the 7th month of 2002 (accepted as the month of Jamaadi Awal, Hijri year 1423) in Najaf Al-Ashraf. At the point where his father Imam Mahdi (as) ordered him to call people regarding his fit in that he is the mentioned person in the Will of Prophet Muhammad (sawas) of his night of passing, Sayyid Ahmed AlHassan began calling/inviting people.

The attempt of Reformation within the Hawza ilmiya was during the beginning of the Call and before it (the Call) became public. It was centred around three points that are:

1. Scientific Reformation

– Method One was writing a book called “The Path to Allah”, and it had a very good impact. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqubi was very affected by it and was impressed with it; he wanted to republish it, as it was told to Ahmed Alhasan through some of the sheikhs and Sayyids that followed him at the time.

– Method Two was discussing and talking with the students and scholars about the existing scientific disorder. And he was supported in this by those people who believed in him and others who were affected by his speech and the truthfulness of what he used to say.

2. Practical Reformation

And it is related to commanding the good and forbidding the wrong. For example, at the time when the tyrant Saddam impurified the Quran when he wrote it with his impure blood, and Muslims all know that blood is impure and that it is forbidden to impurify the Quran, at that time he demanded the scholars to take a stance, by at least issuing a statement, but they used Taqiyya [Concealing one’s belief in order to avoid severe punishment by the oppressors] as an excuse; thus, their souls were dearer to them than the Quran.

And if they had truly believed that there is no strength except by Allah, they would have taken a stance and had certitude that Allah would defend them. He was the only one to take a stand. He had condemned this wicked act of the tyrant Saddam. And he said on multiple occasions, as well as in his sermons at the assemblies, that Saddam had signed for his death by his own hands when he wrote the Quran with his impure blood. Instead of supporting him they began moving away from him. And one of them even expelled him in a polite way, because he was afraid that if Saddam arrested Sayyid Ahmed for execution, he would be executed with him due to hearing his speech which was against the tyrant Saddam. In any case, he did not find any response from them in this field (of Practical reformation).

3. Financial Reformation

And it is regarding the spending of charity money on poor people. This was the final stage before the Call became public. He found many students from Al-Hawza who helped him with it. Very few of them were helping him for the sake of the poor; the majority were doing so because they themselves were suffering from the financial discrimination which was practiced in Al-Hawza.

In this field, few results were achieved after Imam Ahmed Alhasan (as) or some of his Ansar went through bitter negotiations with the religious scholars in Najaf. Among them were the Maraaje’ (high authorities): Al-Sistani, Muhammad Sa’eed Al-Hakim and Muhammad Is’haq Al-Fayath. The scholar who responded the most by tongue and words was Sheikh Al-Yaqoobi. He did not argue, rather he admitted the mistakes and said ‘we need financial reformation’ when one of the believers in Imam Ahmed (as) reminded him of the financial policy used by Imam Ali (as).

In any case, the immediate results in all these points were few. And the people did not want to take steps forward.


His Manners & Biography

One of the Ansar who believes in Imam Ahmed Alhasan Al-Yamani (as) is Sheikh Jihad Al-Asaadi and he is one of those who met the Imam (as) and associate with him. He wrote about his experience with the Yamani (as).

Harith Ibn Al-Maghera Al-Nasri who asked Imam Jafar (as): “how is the Companion of this Matter known? He (as) said: “with peacefulness, dignity, knowledge and the Will”. Imama WalTabasura Ibn Al-Qummi, P138, H157.

Now I would like to apply this narration to Imam Ahmed Al-Yamani (as), so regarding dignity- it was frequented by those opposing him, before any writers mentioned it, that in regards to Imam Ahmed (as), then he (was known to be) a person of peacefulness, dignity and integrity in religion till some people from the Center of the Hawza had named him before his call “the honest and truthful one (Al-Sadiq Al-Ameen).” And most of those who accompanied him will testify and confirm the statement that Imam Ahmed (as) was the most decisive, patient, courageous, just and kind person out of the people that he was amongst on account of compassion.

A generous person is not asked of anything but that he gives it, no dinar or dirham was fixed with him, not (even) anything rough, rugged or abused. He is one those who slept and ate on the earth. He sits in a sitting opposite to a trip for food, and eats whatever is available and does not want what is discovered. He sits with the poor, the simple and those who have no distinction among the people. And he eats with the needy ones and gives them with his blessed hands. He honors and looks after the orphans and widows. And as for the people of knowledge and preference, then he respects and looks after them as much as he can, even with their differences, (he does this) while they are ahead of him. He unites the people of nobility with benefaction/dutifulness to them.

He reaches the withering ones with his mercy without causing them to influence others unless it is what Allah (swt) commanded. He does not treat anyone roughly/rudely. He accepts the apology of those apologising to him. He never burps or yawns, nor does he recline while sitting. He divides his eye contact equally when talking amongst a group of people. He opens the door when it is knocked and tends to the business of the visitor. If he sat down, he does not fix his eyesight at anyone’s direction. He becomes angry on account of his Lord (swt) and does not become angry on account of himself. And he is the most reflective of people of whatever is not (usually) talked about: be it the Quran’s interpretation, or an answer to a question or what no tongue makes a sound about it. He does not tower over his companions during eating (times) or during coat-wearing or during sitting/an assembly. Not one of his companions has ever become aggrieved at his presence. And if any one of his companions made a mistake, he endeavoured to advise them. He never repays an offense with an offense, rather he forgives and pardons. He commences with a greeting (Salam) to whoever meets him.

No one comes to him seeking a need, be it a small or big need, except that he goes out with them to fulfill their need. Whoever desired a thing/need, he would bear with them stoutly till he became the one engaged (in accomplishing what the other person desired). And it was never the case that someone took hold of his hand and he released his hand until they released theirs (first). And he refrains from having his hands kissed from the rest. If he meets with one of his companions he started off with handshaking. And he does not get up or sit down except in the Remembrance of Allah (swt). No one had sat with him or approached him except that Sayyid Ahmed would say to them: “Do you need anything?” And often when he sits he would place his legs together; just as the sitting of his grandfather the Messenger of Allah (s). He sits wherever he ends up at in an assembly/gathering, and mostly he would sit facing the Qibla. He sleeps the sleep of Prophets (s) – resting on his back; he affects/comforts the inside with the pillow that is behind his back. In the state of contentment or anger he says only the truth. And frequently his final words after he speaks is “And praise is to Allah for the greatness of His successors (Khalifas).” End of the words of the Ansar Sheikh Jihad Al-Asaadi.

Relationship With The Religious Authorities (Marje’s) In Najaf & Elsewhere

Imam Ahmed Alhasan (as) was the focus of attention of the Scholars and Students in the Hawza. They used to respect and appreciate him. His awe and dignity/veneration was witnessed by everyone. They were impressed with his earnestness, bravery and seriousness with the subject of Allah (swt); and with his criticism of the establishment [of the Hawza] in his attempts at reforming the corruption that had filled in it. The situation changed after he informed that that he is a messenger from his father– Imam Mahdi (as); and they started to say “a magician and a liar” (God Forbid). Subsequently some of the Maraaje’ (religious authorities) issued Fatwas (religious Opinions) calling for his death.

Attempts Of Saddam’s Regime To Pursue Him

Saddam arrest several of those whom had relations with Imam Ahmed (as) even though they had not believed in him. Rather, many of the Hawza students were arrested after the announcement of the Call, even though they had no connection with him (as), only because they (Saddam authorities) were investigating during their attempt to find and arrest him (as). And praise is to Allah (swt) Who humiliated Saddam and his soldiers and sent them back unsuccessful/empty-handed.

His Position Regarding The War That Overthrew Saddam

When the cursed Saddam impurified/defiled the Holy Quran, by writing it with his impure blood, and then celebrated his ill-omened birthday, Imam Ahmed Alhasan (as) said: “this is the last birthday for the cursed Saddam and he will not celebrate another ill- omened birthday after this year because he transgressed against Allah (swt). And Allah (swt) decreed [it] in His kingdom, thus Allah (swt) will not leave him alone.” In a Qudsi Hadith (narration from Allah (swt)): “The oppressor is a sword, I take vengeance through him and from him.” Thus the tyrant Saddam had attained his retribution from Allah by the sword.”


His Relation With The Iraqi Government, Media Assault Of The Clergy, Authorities Guilty Of Distorting The Call

The Ansar of Imam Mahdi (as) did not take part in the elections or the government in any way because Imam Ahmed Alhasan (as) does not believe in the appointment of people [of a ruler], rather he believes in the appointment of Allah (swt) of the Prophets (as) and Successors (as) though the people may hate this. And in every interval of time [after the Call] the Government used to rise against one of the places of worship of the Ansar and arrest many of them. After all that, they completely closed down the Library of the Ansar in Najaf and arrested tens of Ansar in Najaf– this was before the event of Zarka. And one of those Ansar [who were arrested] was Sayyid Hassan Hamami who is one of the big scholars of Najaf and the son of the Religious Marja’ (authority) the late Sayyid Muhammad Ali Al-Hamami.

After they rose against the places of worship of the Ansar in Karbala and Najaf and closed down the library in Najaf, they obstructed the news agency from describing or reporting what happened. So when the fitna of Zarka happened and some of the news agency reported the destruction [of places], the closing down of the library and the arrest of Ansars that had happened, they tried to charge the Ansars with the crimes that happened at Zarka. So that they can say: “the Ansar deserved what we did to them beforehand” [ie. They tried to say that they Ansar deserve what crimes they committed before the Zarka event, using the Zarka event as an excuse]. And praise is to Allah (swt), the truth of what happened was exposed and their crimes became clear. And yet in spite of this, the Government continued to arrest some of the Ansar and up till now the library in Najaf is still closed and they do not allow the Ansar to open it.

In regards to the Supreme Council and its branches: during Dhul-Hujja in 1428 Hijri (around Dec. 2007) a conference in Najaf had agreed with and urged some of the attending Representatives of the Religious Authorities (Marja’ wakeels) to fight this Call. These words were reported over Satellite channels. After a few days from this demand [to attack the Call] the unjust authorities in Najaf carried out the attack on the Ansar, their arrest and the closure of the library. The clergy started a large Media/Informational assault to distort the image of Imam Ahmed (as) and for the distortion of the image of his (as) Call. We will give an example of this falsehood and lies which Imam Ahmed (as) had personally encountered: a few years ago on the Iranian Satellite channel ‘Al-Kawthar” they hosted Ali Korani (Shia Scholar) on the show “The Promised Mahdi”. The episode was almost entirely dedicated to things about Imam Ahmed (as) and the distortion of his Call. Among the things that Ali Korani said was: “that Ahmed Alhasan says he is the husband of Imam Mahdi’s (as) sister” while he knows very well that Imam Ahmed Alhasan (as) did not say that, and he knows that he is lying. Nevertheless he is not ashamed of lying and the speech of falsehood despite his old age and the turban [religious headwear] that he wears on his head.

Within an Iraqi Satellite channel (which is a news channel financed by the Iraqi Government and reports the views of the authorities and defends them) on a news programme– (this was a few days after what happened at Zarka and also after it had become clear that Ahmed Alhasan (as) had no connection with the Zarka event). On the news programme, they phoned an individual who advised that Imam Ahmed (as) must be killed. Those words were not denounced by the presenter of the show or by the following programme belonging to the authorities; this shows their approval of what was said. And this declaration was very clear regarding their intentions at the time; together with the fact that it was what they actually used/attempted afterwards. The Ansar of Imam Mahdi (as) did not arm themselves with weapons to face the government despite the fact that the forces controlled by the Iraqi Government had raided and destroyed the places of worship in Najaf and Karbala, closed down the library in Najaf, arrested [Ansar] and continued to arrest.

Then came the events of Muharram 1429H (approx. Jan.2008) in which many of the Ansar were martyred and many were arrested also. And if God wills that we report regarding these events, we will quote a passage of what happened regarding these events and also what took place after it:

Imam Ahmed (as) says in an answer to someone who had asked him: “Verily, Haidar Mishatat had done Mubahila [against me], so go ask what happened to him. And verily, Abdul-Aziz Al-Hakeem and his son have done injustice to us so go ask what happened to them. And verily the army of the Marja’s and the army of Muqtada have done injustice to us so ask what happened to them. And [the torment came down upon them] shortly not after a long time, rather Allah (swt) did not give all of them except few days, for Haidar Mishatat acted like an insane person then he went to jail in Iran with reckless/foolish actions, and after that he was destroyed in Iraq after he sealed his works with publishing in his own official newspaper Qasam Al-Bara’a that I am not upon the truth.

As for Abdul-Aziz and his son, when they attacked the office two years ago, only few days passed before the Americans humiliated their agent Ammar ibn Abdel-Aziz and they entered him into prison. And had he been against them that would be an honor. But he was prostrating to them and submitting to them completely. And after that Abdul-Aziz visited the Black House and he so passionately shook hands with Bush the enemy of Allah (swt). And this behavior is an evidence for the loss of mind and worldly shame.

And a year earlier, meaning before the incidents of Al-Muharram, everyone gathered against us, so Abdul-Aziz and his son closed our second office/library which was near the Shrine of the Prince of the Believers (as) only few days after it was opened. And they arrested a large number of Ansar in [a manner of] oppression and enmity. Then, the army of the Marja’s of Satan and the army of Muqtada completed the crime and killed and demolished our places of worship in all parts of Iraq. So what was the result only few days later???

Abdul-Aziz Al-Hakeem got cancer, and this is a torment and a worldly shame before the shame of the hereafter. And the army of Muqtada and the soldiers of the Marja’s massacred one another in an unprecedented incident, and the matter was not that one party killed the other or defeated the other, rather, the army of Muqtada killed a large number of the soldiers of the Marja’s, then the matter flipped, and the soldiers of the Marja’s killed the army of Muqtada. Are not all of these signs? Or what shall Allah (swt) do in order that people believe? Shall He send down an Angel for each one so that [the Angel] may hit him on his head, and when the person asks [the Angel] ‘Why are you hitting me?’, the Angel tells him ‘Because you did not believe in Ahmed Alhasan’. Is that what they want? There is no might or power except by Allah, The High, The Great.”

Followers Of Imam Ahmed Alhasan

The followers of Imam Ahmed Alhasan (as) are scattered across every land in many countries: Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Najd and Hijaaz (Arabic Peninsula), Lebanon, China, Australia, Canada, England, Sweden, USA and other countries. Apart from Shia (Muslims) of his followers, there are many Sunnis, Christians and Jews who have believed in this Call. Most of those who believed did so either because they met the Ansar in the outside countries who clarified this call for them or because they visited the website. Many of them saw visions during sleep and they believed or had a proof from the unseen.

An example of this is a letter from a Christian man from Egypt who believed in this call and sent a letter to the Ansar brothers through the Internet: Emanuel Raphael: Egypt. To the delegate of the savior, I have a letter for you written 322 years ago from the bishop Sarkhees Mekha the baptist which is saved and stamped although I did not know how to solve its mystery but the name of your majesty is clearly on it. Kindly send me the suitable address. With my respect, Emanuel


Story/Account Of Meeting Imam Muhammad Ibn Hassan (a.s)

Imam Ahmed (as) narrates/recounts it in one of his sermons, he (as) says: “At the Shrine/Tomb of the two Imams– Al-Hadi (as) and Al-Askari (as), I met Imam Mahdi (as) for the first time in this worldly life. In this meeting, I became acquainted with Imam Mahdi (as). This meeting had happened many years ago. After this meeting, my meetings with him (as) continued [to happen]. Many matters/things were clarified for me; however, he didn’t command me to tell something in a specific way or to a specific person. Rather, there were instructions/guidelines pertaining to me, disciplining me and taking me to the best of the divine manners/morals; and also favouring me with some of the knowledge and awareness regarding that time. And he informed me of the great deviations present during that time at the Hawza Ilmiya in Najaf; whether it is the deviation that is scientific or practical or sociological or economic or political or the deviations of individuals representing the image of this Hawza Ilymiya. This phase was painful for me because it represented the fall of the last stronghold/fortress; of which I thought that it was representing the truth in this world.

For me it represented persistent corruption. Everything that becomes corrupt can be mended/reformed with salt, but what if the salt becomes corrupt? It was a phase (period of time) that was painful, sad and tragic all at the same time. Indeed Imam Mahdi (as) explained the corruption and oppression to me, but he left me at the road of calamity. I did not know what to do; do I go back to where I came from?! A question I often addressed to myself ?! And the answer was always that I had become a stranger among the religious people and within the Hawza Ilmiya in Najaf at the point when I had known from the truth. So how can I not be even stranger (when) among the people of the world? In any case, the days and months passed by and God willed for me to meet the Imam (as). And this time he sent me to the Hawza Ilmiya in Najaf Al-Ashraf in order to present [the issues] which he had informed me to a group of students of the Hawza Ilmiya. And I regard it as important that I reveal this meeting, whether in its entirety or briefly, as it represents a historical turn in my life.

For it is the first time in which Imam Mahdi (as) directed me to act and also in a public manner. And my clash at the Hawza Ilmiya in Najaf Al-Ashraf under his supervision is thousands of salutations and greetings (tahya wa salam). The account of this meeting is that I was sleeping during a night from my nights, and I saw a vision during sleep. Imam Mahdi (as) was standing near the Shrine of Sayyid Muhammad (as) who is the brother of Imam Al-Askari (as). He instructed me to get ready for the meeting with him (as). I woke up after that and it was 2 o’clock at night. I prayed four rak’as (bowings) of the Night prayer (Salat Al-Lail) and then returned to sleep. I saw a second vision close to this vision. It was Imam Mahdi (as) again specifying for me a meeting with him (as). I woke up and it was 4 o’clock at night. So I finished the Night prayer and also prayed Fajr.

Then after two days from these visions I travelled to Samarra and visited [Ziyara of the shrine of] the two Imams– Al-Askari (as) and Al-Hadi (as). Then I went to Balid and visited Imam Muhammad (as). Then to Baghdad and visited the two Imams– Al-Kadhim (as) and Al-Jawad (as). Then (I went) to Karbala and visited Imam Hussein (as) and the Martyrs (as). I met Imam Mahdi (as) at night in the Shrine of Imam Hussein (as). And afterwards I met him in the morning the following day at the Maqam (station) of Imam Mahdi (as) which is found at the end of Sadra Road. We sat down alone together at the Maqam which was empty except for a caretaker who was standing by at the Women’s place of prayer; he was nearly isolated at the place he was in.

In any case, that day was the 30th Shaban 1420H (9th December 1999). And after that meeting I returned to the house and fasted the month of Ramadan by a preference upon me from Allah (swt), and left at the end of the month of Ramadan to go to Najaf. I began to present/introduce what I knew from the truth. Discussion between me and some of the Hawza Ilmiya students intensified. The outcome was: a severance of relations between me and some of the students, complete disagreement with others, and others who agreed with me but did not help me.

The days and months passed by, rather about three years passed by without a (single) supporter or assistant to me from the Hawza Ilmiya students with the exclusion of there being those who my accepted my words and agreed with what I said about the financial corruption in the Hawza Ilmiya. And from here I began the Reformatory movement for that financial corruption. However it did not lead to a genuine reformation excluding a change to the financial policy of some Marje’s (religious authorities). Yet it was hardly mentioned, and the luxury and extravagance with many of those scholars and those who contact them continued. And at the reception there is a group of poor people moaning from the severity of hunger and sickness of the body and soul, but none of them works to change this miserable situation.

After a few months, the process of announcing and revealing my relation with Imam Mahdi (as) began, as well as me being a messenger from him (as). And this process of announcing was not only by me, but rather a group from the Hawza ilmiya students heard and saw what had affirmed that for them from the Kingdom of Heavens. Some of them were directly in contact with me, while others were those whom I did not have any connection with at all. A group of those students insisted on pledging allegiance to me in spite of the fact I informed them: of the difficulty of this matter and that they shall abandon me at the end of the matter just as the people of Kufa abandoned Muslim Ibn Aqeel (as) [he was the messenger from Hussein (as) to kufa]. Nevertheless they gave the pledge of allegiance on the condition that they come to me with their selves, money and children; just as they had declared that, I had not demanded anything from them regarding that.

This was during the month of Jamadal-Awal 1423H (approx. July 2002). And after that, many of the Hawza ilmiya students pledged allegiance. Later on a thing from fear showed up in them. The police forces of the cursed Saddam began to move in my direction, so the people parted and breached the pledge of allegiance. Everyone and every party of them was looking for an excuse, so that they can break the pledge of allegiance by blaming me with an accusation. Nevertheless, in the end they agreed together on two things:

One: accusing me of being a grand magician.
Two: accusing me of controlling kingdoms from the Jinn, which I utilised against them.

I returned to my home once again after the people separated and none remained with me except a few of the Hawza ilmiya students and some believers. And during this year 1424H (2003) and within the month of Jamada-Awal, a group of those believers came to me, renewed their pledge of allegiance and took me out of my home. The Call began once again. And during the last two days of the month of Ramadan this year 1424H (about 24 November 2003)- Imam Mahdi (as) instructed me to start addressing all the people of earth; each according to them and to the instructions which are issued from Imam Mahdi (as). And during the 3rd of Shawal (28 November 2003) Imam Mahdi (as) instructed me: to announce the revolution against the oppressors; and to hasten the pace and work quickly.

The Statement Of Revolution

When the inevitable Event cometh to pass, The Event of it coming is not a lie. It brings down and exalts…It brings down and exalts…It brings down and exalts…(until you are breathless).

“It has been permitted for those who are fighting, on that they were oppressed and that Allah upon giving victory to them is Capable” [22:39]

On this day, the day of Friday the third of Shawal the year of 1424 A.H, after when my father Imam Al-Mahdi (as) has given me the news about his matter, in revealing the revolution upon the oppressors, he concluded his words by saying:”Son, may I ransom myself to you hasten”. So I prayed 2 raka’at, sought refuge in Allah (swt) at the mosque of Al-Sahla and 2 raka’at in the station of Ibraheem (as), and I read the Zyara of the day of Al-Ghadeer for the Prince (as) from the command of my father (as). And these words were from the world of the seen, that we live in, meaning in this world, not through Kashf (revelation from the unseen during wakefulness) and not through vision.

I say this so there will not be any proof for an arguer and no excuse for a complainer, and from this day of Friday the third of Shawal 1424 A.H, I will begin revealing the revolution of the Prophets (as) and successors (as), by the name of Allah (swt) and the blessings against all the appearances of oppression, tyranny, and corruption on this earth. And my mind will not rest and not a decision shall I approve until I spread it with justice and tranquility by the Power of Allah (swt), after it has been filled with injustice and inequity from the followers of Shaytan Iblees (la) and paint this earth by my blood, because getting killed, to us is a tradition and our blessing from Allah (swt) is the martyrdom and my father (as). And today we call for support after victory, and every Muslim and every fervent one, for the religion of Allah (swt), is there any supporter who wants to give victory for us, is there any guarder who wants to guard the progeny of the Messenger (as).

Where are the preferred ones of Allah (swt), where are the supporters of Allah (swt), where are those who demand the ones responsible after the blood of the one killed in Karbala?.

“O you who believe, if you support Allah for victory, he will give victory to you and make your feet firm” [47:7].

“Nay, verily: By the Moon, And by the Night as it retreateth, And by the Dawn as it shineth forth, This is but one of the mighty (portents) A warning to mankind. To any of you that chooses to press forward, or to follow behind. Every soul will be (held) in pledge for its deeds Except the Companions of the Right Hand.” [74:32-39].

Story/Account Of Meeting Imam Muhammad Ibn Hassan Continiued

Truly, I have called people to support the truth and its people, to work in establishing the truth and to raise the word of “La ilaaha illa Allah” (There is no deity except God).

For God’s word is the highest, God’s word is the highest, God’s word is the highest; and the word of those who disbelieve is the lowest;
{And if you support Allah (swt), He will support you and strengthen your steps}. So is there a supporter to the religion of Allah (swt)? Is there a supporter to the Quran? Is there a supporter to the guardian of Allah (swt)? Is there a supporter to Allah (swt)?

Allah (swt) has promised those who believe and do righteous deeds that He (swt) will make them successors in the earth, just as He (swt) made those who were before them successors, and He (swt) will establish for them their religion which He (swt) has approved for them, and He (swt) will change their state to security after their fear, worshipping Me (swt), not associating any partners to Me (swt). And whoever disbelieves after that- then those are the transgressors.} [Quran 24:55]


The Statement Of Hajj Regarding People’s Pledge Of Allegiance To Him

I did not request for allegiance to be given to me. Rather, what happened in the time of the tyrant Saddam was that a group of students from the Hawza ilmiyya in Najaf Al-Ashraf decided to pledge allegiance to me as a messenger from Imam Al-Mahdi (as); after they had received visions, revelations and miracles. They then began requesting the pledge of allegiance be given to me from the rest of the Hawza ilmiyya students in Najaf, Allah (swt) knows that and they know that too.

And that was the first pledge of allegiance. Then people apostatised except for a few who were loyal to Allah’s (swt) covenant. The ones who apostatised began saying that the visions and revelations were from Jinn (demons) and the miracles were magic. They used to say “the honest and trustworthy one”, and then began saying “a lying magician”. I returned to my home and remained like the serenity of day and night enjoying the company of my beloved the Almighty, satisfied with His decree, patient and convinced that Allah (swt) does not lose the reward of the good-doers.

Then Allah (swt) willed, after the fall of the tyrant (Saddam), for the few who were loyal to Allah’s (swt) covenant to start calling/inviting people again without my direction or request for them to do this, even though I had not even met them at that time. Then they came and renewed the pledge of allegiance to me and took me out of my home, and this was the second pledge of allegiance

The call broadened and spread. The number of believers increased. Then the apostasy of Haider Al-Mushattat and his group occurred, so none stayed on the covenant of Allah (swt) but a few who were loyal. So I returned to my home once again, enjoying the company of my beloved the Almighty, patient over His generous hardships. And I did not call anyone to give allegiance to me.

However Allah (swt) willed that those, whom He had purified with loyalty to Muhammad’s progeny (as) and whom He (swt) chose before creating this world to support the Qaim of Muhammad’s progeny (as), would come to me and renew their allegiance. This was the third allegiance, after I have been stricken on my head twice. All praise is to Allah (swt) who made me similar to Thul-Qarnain and made me similar to Ali, the Prince of Believers (as), and all praise be to Allah (swt) who did not make me request Imamate but made it request me instead. All praise be to Allah (swt) who did not humiliate me by requesting this world, but made this world request me instead. By Allah (swt) I did not ask for sovereignty, reign, rank, position or the obedience of people to me and submission to my order except by the order of Allah (swt) and the order of Imam Al-Mahdi (as).

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