What is the reason for Hajj and what is its purpose?

Question 40: What is the reason for Hajj, and what is its purpose?

Answer: In short, Hajj in Islam the attendance at a specific time of the year, in a specific place which is the sacred house of Allah or the Kaaba. So first we must know the attribute of the time and place.

As for the place which is the Kaaba, it is …

What are the names which Allah taught Adam?

Question 12: What are the names which Allah swt taught Adam pbuh?

Answer: He taught him the names of Allah, meaning He introduced him to a part of their truth which the angels had no capacity to know. And He introduced him to the truth of Allah’s names amongst the creation. Muhammad and his progeny pbut, and the prophets and messengers pbut are the names of Allah in the creation, meaning they are the mani- festation and appearance of Allah’s names swt.

Garment that was ripped from Adam and Eve

A) It is known that Iblis was banned from Heaven because of his refusal to prostrate to Adam pbuh. So how was he able to enter Heaven, and whisper to Adam, and make him eat of the forbidden tree? The words of Iblis to Adam indicate that he was with him in Heaven, because he pointed to the tree using the pronoun “this” which indicates he was not far from it.

B) What is the tree that Adam pbuh ate from?

C) Was the nakedness of Adam and Eve showing without clothing and then when they ate from the tree they became aware of their nakedness so they covered themselves with the leaves of Heaven? And what are the leaves they covered themselves with?

The Tree of Abraham

1. What does the letter “Saad ص” in Qur’an mean? And is it a river in Paradise?

2. There is a Hadith which is narrated from Prophet Abraham (a.s): (Here [in this place] shall grow a tree like the tree of Adam (a.s) in the Garden of Eden)
After your permission, I have written the following on the forum …… Please clarify. Isn’t this a proof that there is a person who will be born in the End Times and will be present in that place – the place where the two rivers meet (The Righteous Servant) – and his story is well known and it is a clear reference to Imam Ahmed Alhasan (a.s) by the link to the tree of Adam … And according to the interpretation, the tree of Adam is a symbol for the knowledge of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad (a.s) as they (a.s) narrated. And it is the tree which Allah made forbidden to the Prophet Adam (a.s) in the Garden of Eden.

How long did Noah live?

As the Homo sapiens human evolved from a lesser species through evolution, with each new generation improving until his brain reached the required volume and capacity, how are the long lives of the early prophets pbut like Noah explained? The Holy Quran says that he pbuh called his people for 950 years. Are those the years of this world? Also, we have narrations from them pbut that Noah pbuh lived for 2000-2500 years.
Moreover, the Bible says that early humans lived for a long time, meaning much longer than humans today.