Who was crucified instead of Jesus? Who is the crucified look-alike?

Question 9: When reading about the matter of crucifixion and sacrifice in the statements of the religious clerics, one finds obvious contradictions, so is it possible to provide a conclusive statement from the texts in which they believe?
And what is the interpretation of this narration: ﴾it was said to Imam Abu Abdullah Jafar al-Sadiq℗, “For what reason was he named the Riser?” He℗ answered, “Verily, he rises after his death, he rises with a great matter, he rises with the matter of Almighty God.”﴿?

Al-Hussain is a truth, a word, a sword, a principle that remains

Al-Hussain is a truth, a word, a sword, a principle that remains as long as the heavens and the earth remain.
And anyone who opposes the truth that Al-Hussain called towards pbuh and turned away from the word of Al-Hussain pbuh(Is there any supporter to support us) and does not carry the sword with Al-Hussain pbuh and does not clarify his ideas on the principle of Al-Hussain pbuh has left support of Al-Hussain pbuh even if he revealed himself crying on Al-Hussain.