This is the story of Satan, the worshipping knower, that fell in the abyss

It was said about the son of Tawoos (May god’s mercy be upon him) that he said: I have found in Idriss’s (PBUH) papers at the remembrance of Satan and Allah’s answer to him (He said my Lord reprieve me till the day that they are raised. He said no, but you are reprieved till the appointed day. It is the day that I eliminated and necessitated that I will cleanse the ground that day from infidelity, partnership with Allah and sin.

What is the reason for the lack of contentment of the Angels?

Question 103: The Al-Mighty said: {Say thou: were there in the earth angels walking about contentedly, We would surely have sent down unto them from the heaven an angel as an apostle.} [The Holy Qur’an: Surat Al-Isra’ (17): 95], what is the reason for the lack of contentment of the Angels in spreading the Message?