Peace be upon you father of Al Hasan

During these days, the life of Ali bin Abi Talib, may the prayers of Allah be upon him, was sealed.

A life filled with pain and suffering and which he found no comfort in.
He was a boy but he did not find an opportunity to play like every other boy and enjoy his childhood; Allah wished to dispatch as a prophet the one who raised him, so he found himself in the heart of a verbal battle that often led to the throwing of stones. In fact, sometimes it led to ripping the guts apart

After the death of the Prophet sawas.

The best one who describes what happened after the death of the Prophet sawas is Az-Zahra’ a.s, the closest creation to the Messenger of Allah sawas, where she said in her sermon at the mosque of the Prophet sawas after his death: (…so when Almighty Allah chose for the Holy Prophet the abode of all previous of Allah’s prophets, and the security of His pure ones, there appeared amongst you, the thorns of hypocrisy;