Hajar striving between Safa and Marwa

[I will tell you about Al Hussain a.s. in this night which is something good for you.

Look at Hajar when she placed Ismael,her son, on the ground. After when she saw herself incapable of tolerating his death while being thirsty in between her hands; and so she strove between AlSafa and AlMarwa.

Is her behavior the behavior of a raging mother who is not able to think as what they say?

The Tree of Abraham

1. What does the letter “Saad ص” in Qur’an mean? And is it a river in Paradise?

2. There is a Hadith which is narrated from Prophet Abraham (a.s): (Here [in this place] shall grow a tree like the tree of Adam (a.s) in the Garden of Eden)
After your permission, I have written the following on the forum …… Please clarify. Isn’t this a proof that there is a person who will be born in the End Times and will be present in that place – the place where the two rivers meet (The Righteous Servant) – and his story is well known and it is a clear reference to Imam Ahmed Alhasan (a.s) by the link to the tree of Adam … And according to the interpretation, the tree of Adam is a symbol for the knowledge of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad (a.s) as they (a.s) narrated. And it is the tree which Allah made forbidden to the Prophet Adam (a.s) in the Garden of Eden.

The one who argued with Abraham

Allah swt said, {Have you not considered the one who argued with Abraham about his Lord because Allah had given him kingship? When Abraham said, “My Lord is the one who gives life and causes death,” he said, “I give life and cause death.” Abraham said, “Indeed, Allah brings the sun up from the east, so bring it up from the west.” So the one who disbelieved was overwhelmed, and Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.} ¹ What is the interpretation of the above verse? Who is the one who argued with Abraham? Is he the one who disbelieved?