Who was crucified instead of Jesus? Who is the crucified look-alike?

Question 9: When reading about the matter of crucifixion and sacrifice in the statements of the religious clerics, one finds obvious contradictions, so is it possible to provide a conclusive statement from the texts in which they believe?
And what is the interpretation of this narration: ﴾it was said to Imam Abu Abdullah Jafar al-Sadiq℗, “For what reason was he named the Riser?” He℗ answered, “Verily, he rises after his death, he rises with a great matter, he rises with the matter of Almighty God.”﴿?

Woe unto those who pray

Question 20: What is the meaning of Allah’s swt saying,
{Woe unto those who pray}, in Surat Al-Maun?

Answer: In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Intensely Merciful,
{Have you seen him who denies the religion? ۝ That is he who re- jects the orphan ۝ and urges not feeding the poor ۝ Woe unto those who pray ۝ who are heedless of their prayer ۝ those who dissemble ۝ and prevent support.}. [The Quran 107:1–7]
{Have you seen him who denies the religion?}: The question here is directed to

Greetings to the beloved believers in all the cities of Iran

Greetings to the beloved believers in all the cities of Iran.
Peace be upon the beloved ones in all cities of Iran who have been imprisoned for their ideology. May Allah help you tolerate the harm for the sake of Allah. But it is one of the favors of Allah bestowed upon you, so thank Allah for His favor. Allah willing, you are the nation promised to give of its fruits at the end times, so be patient, remain steadfast and endure the harm and difficulty for the sake of Allah. How many of you will they imprison because they find themselves incapable of ideologically and intellectually confronting you? Can they deny the promise of Muhammad bin Abdullah, may the prayers of Allah be upon him and his progeny; can they deny the promise of Allah swt? How ignorant they are. By Allah, if I am upon the truth, and if I am the caller to the truth at this time, and if I am the first Mahdi mentioned in the will of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad pbuhap, then they will not be able to put out the light of Allah no matter what they do or how many they imprison or how much they torture the ones who believe in the call of truth

Mubahala with Ahmed Alhasan

On this page, I saw that someone posted a letter directed to me from a person named Nasser Muhammad who falsely claims to be the Mahdi, lying and with no legitimate proof. So he is like Musaylima and Sajjah and other liars in the time of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad pbuhap. And this liar, Nasser Muhammad, requests to make a mubahala with me, and in his statement, he wrote a mubahala in a format different than the legitimate format, due to his ignorance about the legitimate format of a mubahala. Anyhow, with his mubahala and with what he stipulated for himself, he made it easy for us to prove our truth to him and to others who are deluded about his honesty. And he made it easy for us to prove his falsehood and his lying to them.

By the Fig and the Olive And the (mount) Tur of Sinai

What is the meaning of His, the Exalted, words: {By the Fig and the Olive * And the (mount) Tur of Sinai * And this safe town * We have certainly created man in the best of stature * Then We return him to the lowest of the low * Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have a reward unfailing * So what yet causes you to deny the judgment? * Is not Allah the most judicious of judges?}

Imam Ahmed Alhasan responds to people asking for miracles!

By Allah! The Messenger of Allah (sawas) and my fathers the Imams (a.s.) have not left anything from my matter except that they clarified it, for they have described me very accurately, and they clarified my residence. So neither a confusion regarding my matter nor a suspicion regarding my condition remain after this clarification. And my matter is clearer than the sun in the midday. And verily, I am the first of the Mahdis and the Promised Yamani

A message from Ahmed Alhasan

O dear brothers, have Mercy upon those on the Earth so that those in the sky may have Mercy upon you. Humble yourselves on the Earth that you may be known in the sky and learn that the creation are the dependants of Allah. And the most beloved creation to Allah are those who are most merciful with His dependants

Sermon of Friday

O Allah! Curse the enemies of Muhammad and Al Muhammad, from the first and the last.

Few days ago was the memory of the martyrdom of Imam Al Hassan Al Askari (AS), may Allah glorify your rewards. And to the nobleness of the greatest Prophet, Muhammad (SAW) and to the Imams (AS), and in particular Imam Al Hassan ibn Ali Al Askari (AS). May Allah put his mercy on whoever read AL Fatiha preceded by al salat ala Muhammad wa Al Muhammad (AS).