Who was crucified instead of Jesus? Who is the crucified look-alike?

Question 9: When reading about the matter of crucifixion and sacrifice in the statements of the religious clerics, one finds obvious contradictions, so is it possible to provide a conclusive statement from the texts in which they believe?
And what is the interpretation of this narration: ﴾it was said to Imam Abu Abdullah Jafar al-Sadiq℗, “For what reason was he named the Riser?” He℗ answered, “Verily, he rises after his death, he rises with a great matter, he rises with the matter of Almighty God.”﴿?

What is the difference between the remembrance of Ruku and prostration?

Question 36: What is the difference between the remembrance of Ruku “Subhana rabbya al-atheem wa bihamdih” [Glory and praise be to my Lord the Almighty] and the statement of prostration “Subhana rabbya al-ala wa bihamdih” [Glory and praise be to my Lord the Most High]”?

Verily We have given you seven of the praises and the great Quran

Question 24: What is meant by the seven praises?

Answer: Allah swt said,
{Verily We have given you seven of the praises and the great Quran.} [The Quran 15:87]
The praises in this verse are the verses of Surat Al-Fatiha.
And the word praises is obtained from the word praise, which means to acclaim and give thanks, as the verses of Surat Al-Fatiha are seven verses, and all of them are verses that praise Allah swt. For that reason, they are called the seven praises

Woe unto those who pray

Question 20: What is the meaning of Allah’s swt saying,
{Woe unto those who pray}, in Surat Al-Maun?

Answer: In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Intensely Merciful,
{Have you seen him who denies the religion? ۝ That is he who re- jects the orphan ۝ and urges not feeding the poor ۝ Woe unto those who pray ۝ who are heedless of their prayer ۝ those who dissemble ۝ and prevent support.}. [The Quran 107:1–7]
{Have you seen him who denies the religion?}: The question here is directed to

How is it appropriate for prophet Abraham to say that the planet or moon or sun is his Lord?

Question 7: How is it appropriate for a prophet from Uli Al-Azem [1], who is Abraham pbuh, to say that the planet, or moon, or sun is his Lord?

Answer: Only a deluded person would assume that these words came from Abraham pbuh in the world of Shahada, meaning this worldly life, even though Abraham perhaps repeated it in this worldly life to reproach his people who worship these planets, or the spirits which move these planets.

Why did Abraham pbuh see only a planet, a moon, and a sun?

he sun is the Messenger of Allah pbuhap, the moon is Imam Ali pbuh [1], and the planet is Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh. [2]
The sun, moon, and planet in the Kingdom of Heaven were the manifestation of Allah in the creation. For this reason, they were made similar to Abraham pbuh and each of these three is a manifestation to its own extent. And Muhammad, Ali and Al-Qaim pbut, specifically, are the complete manifestation of Allah in the creation in this world. This is because not only are they dispatched, but they are dispatchers as well.

Strike with your staff the sea, and it parted

That Pharaohs’ belief came after the water enclosed him and he was drowning in it, however, before death over took him completely.
And this possibility – which Sarkhi imagined to be valid – is incorrect. For the people to say in this physical world means the utterance of words, and this cannot be achieved without a medium in which he utters through, which is the air. So with the occlusion of water the utterance of Pharaoh’s voice was made absent due to the closure of the pathway of air, thus it is not possible for him to say anything.
It should also be noted that the water surrounding Pharaoh was two mountains.

The Statement of the Secrets of Imam Al-Mahdi

The unseen is Imam Al-Mahdi Muhammad ibn Al-Hassan (pbuh), just as the family of Muhammad (pbut) interpreted/explained it to the people and announced it infront of many witnesses, and he is the “Haa'” of Allah and the “Noon” of the Qalam (pen).  And there is no doubt with the pious/God-Fearing ones concerning the Book that indicates towards him, {Alif, Lam, Meem, Ra. These are the verses of the Book; and what has been revealed to you from your Lord is the truth, but most of the people do not believe.}

Ta Ha

Please tell me about the interpretation of the verses from Surat Ta-Ha, and what is the wisdom behind Allah swt addressing the Messenger of Allah pbuhap as Ta Ha in this surah?

In the name of Allah, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful. {Ta, Ha. 2 We have not sent down to you the Qur’an that you be distressed. 3 But only as a reminder for those who fear. 4 A revelation from He who created the earth and highest heavens, 5 The Abundantly Merciful [who is] above the Throne established.}

The best of works is Wilayah

It has been narrated from Ahlul Bayt (a.s): (Verily, the best of works are Wilayah ([accepting the authority of and following Ahlul Bayt a.s.]) and Innocence ([declaring oneself innocent from the enemies of Ahlul Bayt a.s]). Meaning, taking the Supporters/Devotees of Allah as an authority over him, and they are the Prophets and Vicegerents, and being enemies with the enemies of Allah, and they are the enemies of the Prophets and Vicegerents and the enemies of their Shia (followers). So which work is put forth before the other, Wilayah or declaring oneself innocent [from the enemies of Allah]?

My God! My Master! You have run a law upon me but instead I obeyed the desires of my own self

In Dua’ Kumayl:
(My God! My Master! You have run a law upon me but instead I obeyed the desires of my own self. And I did not guard myself against the allurements of my enemy, he deceived me with that which I desire, and fate helped him in that respect. Thus I transgressed some of Your limits, and I disobeyed some of Your commands.You have therefore a (just) cause/proof against me in all those matters and I have no plea against Your judgement which You passed against me. I have therefore become (justifiably) liable to Your judgement and afflictions. But now I have turned towards You, my Lord, after being guilty of shortcoming against myself and wasting my self, apologetically, repentantly, broken heartedly, entreating earnestly for forgiveness, yieldingly confessing (to my guilt) as I can find no escape from that which was done by me and having no refuge to which I could turn except seeking Your acceptance of my excuse and admitting me into the vastness of Your capacious Mercy)

O Allah I beseech You in the name of Your name before which everything kneels down

“Say, “What would my Lord care for you if not for your supplication?” The Quran 25:77.
O Allah I beseech You, in the name of Your name before which everything kneels down
By Your Mercy that encompasses everything
By Your Greatness that humbles everything
By Your Power which subdues everything,
By Your Control which dominates everything,
By Your Omnipotence which overreaches and possesses everything,
By Your knowledge which knows everything,
O Light, O Holy,

A day for supporting homosexuality

Being circulated on social networks is the viewpoint that the day 5/17 (today) is a day for supporting homosexuality or, as they call it, anti-homophobia day. It is well-known that many countries have legislated same-sex marriage laws or are on their way to doing so. We have previously disapproved of this and see it as something indecent and destructive – not only from a religious point of view but also from a social and biological one. I have personally discussed the issue scientifically, and I have clearly shown the invalidity of what they propose to justify sexual deviation

Authorization given to the office in Al-Najaf

Dear Imam,
Here is a question about the extent of authorization given to the office in Al-Najaf al-Ashraf and others within the framework of the new system. Dear Imam, we have made an audiovisual question to increase the chances of it reaching you.
The Youtube link is titled Panorama of the Yamani Call, Episode 1: Audio Message to Imam Ahmed Alhasan PBUH

They doubt this blessed page in which I posted a message in my own voice

With the passing of each day, many people, whether they be students of religious sciences or others, declare their belief in the call of truth by the favor of Allah. But just as it happens with all divine calls, some of those people declare and show their belief for malicious, premeditated purposes. The call of truth has experienced many of those hypocrites, propelled by Satan or certain entities, and these people have returned to them in failure and disappointment


Ever since I was a child, I have felt like a female. I am actually certain of it and feel like I am in a body that is not my own. I want to know if al-Khomeini’s ruling is jurisprudentially correct concerning sex-change operations. Is it permissible for me to have the operation and is it what is best for me? Because I really can’t fight this feeling that I am a female. I am one of the believers in the blessed call and I requested that Abdullah Hashem send this letter to you because I am too embarrassed to ask you myself. If the operation is not permissible, is there something I can do to fix myself and to make me a heterosexual male who is not attracted to men?

About dogs; Husky

My lord, I was requested to ask you these questions and get an answer from you personally.
My lord, are huskies considered pure? They are said to result from breeding dogs and wolves. If this is true, does it make them pure?
Is it permissible to play with dogs, keep them, and have them as pets for the purpose of play considering they won’t enter the house?
How is something that comes in contact with a dog purified? Is it in the same way that a bowl licked by a dog is purified or is a regular wash enough, meaning in the same way anything that comes in contact with an impurity is purified?

Ahmed Alhasan going against the rules of grammar

hese days we find that the message of the Messenger Muhammad pbuhap being questioned, as well as whether the message, particularly the Quran, can be attributed to Allah SWT. The questioning revolves around the Arabic language, and that the Quran is weak in its phrases, or that it goes against the rules of grammar, or against rhetoric, and that there is Arabic poetry that is far more eloquent, such as the poetry of Imro’ al-Qays in The Mu’allaqat

You know them by their fruit

O Beloved ones, visitors of this blessed page, accept it as a divine, Quranic and blessed wisdom: You know them by their fruit.
You might say you are a simple person who cannot recognize how to know that Ahmed al-Hasan is true, and that those who fight him are false and are leaders of misguidance. So the Quran says it to you with simplicity: look at the fruit, it will tell you the type of the tree even if you are not experienced in knowing the types of the trees by their branches or leaves. So who cannot recognize an apple tree when seeing the apples hanging from its branches? The same goes for the tree that produces poisonous or bitter fruit; when you see its fruit, you recognize it by its fruit. {Thus do We diversify the signs for a people who give thanks}.

Blessed are those who hung on to the Will of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah

And we leave it for the honorable ones from among the Muslims to be fair to themselves and judge with justice between Fatima the daughter of Muhammad, the Lady of the women of the worlds, and those who attacked her house and caused her harm and martyrdom, and to search for the reasons that caused this attack, the pivotal point of which was the Will of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP, which he described as a book preventing misguidance. For the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP wanted to write it for the public on Thursday, during the illness leading to his death, but here, Umar and his group objected and accused the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP of being delirious, and thus the famous incident of the Calamity of Thursday

Weaker than the home of the spider

I looked into your proofs and they are indeed confusing. I can honestly tell you that I want to believe in you but I am confused and do not know what to do. You speak of making istikhara, so I did that and it was confusing. You speak of visions, and I saw one that was positive and another that was not. I did not leave any door without knocking on it, so that there would be no argument against me. And I asked the people of knowledge, and they told me that this man is an impostor, but I did not care about what they said, yet I do not want to go against them and regret it. My master, you say that you can make miracles appear, such as reviving the dead, etc. And because this matter, and I mean by that your call, concerns the unseen, if you show me a miracle that proves your call then I swear by Allah that I will be a soldier of yours who wishes for martyrdom for your sake and for the sake of the religion and the creed. Otherwise, your call is weaker than the home of the spider.