Blessed are those who hung on to the Will of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah

We leave it for the honorable ones from among the Muslims to be fair to themselves and judge with justice between Fatima the daughter of Muhammad, the Lady of the women of the worlds, and those who attacked her house and caused her harm and martyrdom.
And to search for the reasons that caused this attack, the pivotal point of which was the Will of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP, which he described as a book preventing misguidance.
For the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP wanted to write it for the public on Thursday, during the illness leading to his death, but here, Umar and his group objected and accused the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP of being delirious, and thus the famous incident of the Calamity of Thursday. And the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP refused to write the book of prevention for those who rejected it on Thursday, and he wrote it afterward on the night of his death for those who accepted it.

Dua and depending upon Allah

Dua (supplication) and depending upon Allah does not mean to leave working by what is possible.
The human makes dua to Allah that He facilitates his matter and in the same time he works to arrive to his objective and awaits help from Allah Subhana. And whoever awaits aid of Allah with honest intention and sincerity to Allah Subhana, he will surely find Divine help and aid present in front of him