How long did Noah live?

As the Homo sapiens human evolved from a lesser species through evolution, with each new generation improving until his brain reached the required volume and capacity, how are the long lives of the early prophets pbut like Noah explained? The Holy Quran says that he pbuh called his people for 950 years. Are those the years of this world? Also, we have narrations from them pbut that Noah pbuh lived for 2000-2500 years.
Moreover, the Bible says that early humans lived for a long time, meaning much longer than humans today.

Earth would fill with the knowledge of the Lord like water covers the sea

And what the text portrayed was not achieved in the time of Jesus pbuh, that the earth would fill with the knowledge of the Lord like water covers the sea, and this knowledge would have an impact that the rich would comfort the poor and that the strong would support the weak and that the earth would be almost free of injustice, etc.

He frowned

In the Name of Allah, Prayers for the Prophet Muhammad and his family
After reviewing the most prestigious interpretations of Surah “Abasa” (He frowned) I did not find a satisfactory explanation enough not to be tainted by suspicion and mistrust and (non) appreciation, so we are asking you this

How does Allah punish us for a sin that is limited in time?

Peace be upon you, Why does the Companion of the Time not appear in a video tape so that his lovers’ hearts may become assured and that the proof be put upon the deniers and his location would not be disclosed? What is the sin of the ones whom the Qur’an did not reach? How does Allah punish us and He is the Most Benevolent, the Most Merciful, for a sin that is limited in time with a punishment that is unlimited forever (The Fire, dwelling in it forever)?