Purgatory (Barzakh)

My question is regarding purgatory, what is the life of the dead like in purgatory? And do they meet with others and visit the dead and the living? And do they eat food and drink water? And what about the good deeds which we perform for them?

Why do we yawn at Dihkr?

Peace be upon you Ô Qa’im Ale Muhammad (Qa’im of the Family of Muhammad), my question is: why man when he does Tasbih (Praise) or Adhkaar (The contemplation/remembrance of Allah) or Istighfar (forgiveness) and especially forgiveness, he starts yawning and having tears in his eyes, or also when we hear your Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) we have tears in our eyes, or when we are humble?

This is the story of Satan, the worshipping knower, that fell in the abyss

It was said about the son of Tawoos (May god’s mercy be upon him) that he said: I have found in Idriss’s (PBUH) papers at the remembrance of Satan and Allah’s answer to him (He said my Lord reprieve me till the day that they are raised. He said no, but you are reprieved till the appointed day. It is the day that I eliminated and necessitated that I will cleanse the ground that day from infidelity, partnership with Allah and sin.

When were the jinn first created?

When the jinn first created? And are they from the previous worlds or they were created with the creation of the prophet Adam pbuh? And what are their lives like? Do they have prophets and messengers? And do they go through what the human beings go through of tests and hardships? And do they partake in movements and wars with the human beings, meaning they fight the prophets and guardians or do they support them?

This world in regards to the Hereafter is harmful

And the physical world surrounding the body of man is divided into: Inanimate objects, plants, animals and the rest of the other people. And the relationship of the people with it (the world) is either appropriate or inappropriate. So they – for example – loves ownership of the land, gold, silver, transplantation, animals, to spend, and fulfilling their desire with the opposite sex.