Mubahala with Ahmed Alhasan

On this page, I saw that someone posted a letter directed to me from a person named Nasser Muhammad who falsely claims to be the Mahdi, lying and with no legitimate proof. So he is like Musaylima and Sajjah and other liars in the time of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad pbuhap. And this liar, Nasser Muhammad, requests to make a mubahala with me, and in his statement, he wrote a mubahala in a format different than the legitimate format, due to his ignorance about the legitimate format of a mubahala. Anyhow, with his mubahala and with what he stipulated for himself, he made it easy for us to prove our truth to him and to others who are deluded about his honesty. And he made it easy for us to prove his falsehood and his lying to them.