The Way of God during the Calls of Messengers

Regarding your request to see Ahmed Alhasan, I ask God to facilitate a safe place for us by His Favor, and facilitate a number of those who believe in the Truth, by whom protection from the enemies of God is achieved, and repulsion of Iblis and his soldiers who are prevailing over this earth is achieved; so that we are able to establish the prayer for the believing men and believing women and meet them; and clarify the truth to the people and to publicly expose the ideologies of those false ones who deviated from the religion of God, the ones from the clerics of misguidance; the same way God facilitated Yathreb and the Ansar (Supporters) for the Messenger of God, Muhammad PBUHAHP.

A message from Ahmed Alhasan

O dear brothers, have Mercy upon those on the Earth so that those in the sky may have Mercy upon you. Humble yourselves on the Earth that you may be known in the sky and learn that the creation are the dependants of Allah. And the most beloved creation to Allah are those who are most merciful with His dependants