What is the reason for the shroud for the dead?

Question 31: What is the reason for the shroud for the dead, and what is its benefit?

Answer: Indeed the body of the dead is respected, considering the connection of his spirit to it before his death. Therefore his loin and his body must be covered in front of the people and at the time of burial, just as he cared for covering his loin and body in this worldly life in the past. Moreover,

Behold! Moses said to his family: “I perceive a fire…

What is the meaning of the Al-mighty’s saying: {Behold! Moses said to his family: “I perceive a fire; soon will I bring you from there some information or I will bring you a burning brand to light our fuel, that ye may warm yourselves.” * But when he came to the (Fire), a voice was heard: “Blessed are those in the Fire and those around: and Glory to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds!”.}

When were the jinn first created?

When the jinn first created? And are they from the previous worlds or they were created with the creation of the prophet Adam pbuh? And what are their lives like? Do they have prophets and messengers? And do they go through what the human beings go through of tests and hardships? And do they partake in movements and wars with the human beings, meaning they fight the prophets and guardians or do they support them?