Is the Quran a creation or is it a creator?

Is the Qura’n a creation or is it a creator? Is it recent(existed when it was first sent down) “Muhdith”, or was is it “Qadeem” (existing before it was sent down)?There is a narration from Ahlulbayt pbu them that it is a creation, and in another narration it is a creator,and in another narration it is the words of Allah, not a creator neither was it a creation?!

The Throne is greater than the Chair

In the book of Tafsir al-Ayashi and in Bihar al-Anwar, Imam al-Sadiq (pbuh) said: “Abu Thar said: ‘O Messenger of Allah what is best of what was sent down unto you?’ He (pbuhap) said, ‘Ayat al-Kursi [2:255],the Seven Heavens and the Seven Earths within the Chair are like a ring lying in desertlands’, then he (pbuhap) said: “And verily its favor upon the Throne is like the favor of the desert upon the ring’”