March 8

March 8, Women’s Day: A day of tenderness, mercy, hope, and peace….for all the women of the world…may you be well and in good health every year.

The most important thing that distinguishes a woman is her femininity, meaning her tenderness, kindness, mercy, sympathy for the oppressed and her seeking of fairness for them, and gentle, compassionate, and just solutions.

Divine intervention in Times of Injustice

Why is it that when a man tried to lay a hand on the wife of Abraham pbuh, his hand turned into stone, whereas the wives, daughters and children of Muhammad pbuhap were offended, imprisoned and had their veils removed forcefully by the accursed Yazeed?
Zainab pbuh was not an ordinary woman, so how did Yazeed (may Allah curse him) do what he did to her without an obvious divine intervention like what happened with the wife of Abraham pbuh?

Why did Hussein carry with him his infant to Yazeed’s army so he can receive water?

Al-Hussein a.s carried with him his infant so he can get him water, and he knew well that he was going to get killed. And realize that falsehood has a period and for truth it has a nation, and so in order for the period of falsehood to complete, Satan’s army l.a has to work hard within every dark chasm,and they have to take out everything that was within their quiver, while they are fighting within the battle against the army of Allah