in order for the soul of Adam to connect to a body

Chapter: The Society of Adam (page 135-136) The Atheism Delusion

According the the religious scripture, Adam is a prophet. Therefore, if the soul of Adam pbuh connected to a biological body that was among a group lower than it in spiritual advancement, how did he live with them? How did he behave with them? Where did this group go?
The Answer:
It must be known that in order for the soul of Adam to connect to a body, the body must be prepared to receive it. Consequently, the brain must be suitable in size and quality. The size of the brain must be appropriately sufficient for thinking, consciousness and reasoning. This means that the brain would have an avarage size of about 1400 ml, similar to our brains.

That is also the case with respect to quality. Thus, the composition, cells an cortex of a brain this size must have also evolved appropriately.

If this was the case for the group to which Adam phuh was born, then it is certainly an intellectual group capable of consciousness and even mutual understanding. Therefore, as a prophet, Adam pbuh could have been dispatched to a people of God’s creation after they came to have the capacity to know God at the level of the message with which Adam was dispatched. Thus, the soul of Adam pbuh was lowered and connected to a body, and he called them to the worship of God Almighty. Afterwards, Adam, his wife, and those who believed and supported them, isolated themselves from the rest of the people, just as Abraham pbuh did when he and his wife isolated themselves and emigrated away from their people, after he had called them to God and was rejected by them. However, God wished for Adam pbuh, his progeny, and his supporters to overcome that group, and for that group to become extinct, even if the extinction happened after a period of time.
For example, at the time of Noah pbuh ……

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