He is the origin of the quantum particles that matter consists of

Chapter: The Results of Evolution and its Purpose (page 208-209) The Atheism Delusion

Our evidence of this knowledgeable, conscious force that is dominating the natural selection process is that nature – or the environment of the organism, and everything in it, even the parts of the organism itself – is controlled by the laws of the quantum particles from which the elements of all bodies are formed, therefore the existence of these quantum particles traces back to the one of the four universal forces. (We can specify the force of gravity here, as we shall explain in due course, gravity must exist due to an original eternal entity that is independent, which shall be explained later as well.) This proves the existence of the Absolute Independent One, not only in the nature surrounding the organism that carries out selection, but also in every part of the very body of that organism. These bodies depend on Him, as He is the origin of the quantum particles that matter consists of. It is exactly like the running of any electrical motor depends on the electricity produced by a power plant.

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