Their clerical religion with which they deceive

Narrations of Ahlul Bayt a.s discouraging imitation of non-infallible scholars.

Imam Ahmed Alhasan احمد الحسن a.s said,

Their clerical religion with which they deceived and wish to continue deceiving the Shia of the progeny of Muhammad is built upon the ideology that the non-infallible must be imitated. They do not have a narrative proof for this, and their clerics acknowledge this matter. They do not have a verse with explicit proof or a narration of definitive proof and a definitive chain of narrators. And you can refer to the statements of Sayyed al-Khoei and Sayyed al-Khomeini (May Allah have mercy upon them) and the statements of other clerics concerning this issue.

Consequently, today these people move toward the rational proof, which is that the ignorant one must refer to the knowledgeable one. And I have refuted this proof of theirs with a complete refutation and I clarified that it is as you said, weaker than the home of the spider, as they presume and present presumptions out of their own effort and they admit to this, and none of them professes that he presents certitude.

Therefore, the [rational] proof does not apply to them because they are not people of knowledge who present proof in order for the ignorant one to refer to them, as only the vicegerents of Allah are knowledgeable ones who present certitude and who must be referred to, according to reason. This is what we say; imitating the infallible is the only thing that is obligatory..


أحاديث الأئمة (ع) حول ذم الاجتهاد وتقليد غير المعصوم
قال الامام احمد الحسن ع
دينهم المرجعي الذي خدعوا شيعة ال محمد ويريدون الاستمرار بخداعهم به مبني على عقيدة وجوب تقليد غير المعصوم وليس لديهم أي دليل نقلي لاثباته وفقهاؤهم يقرون بهذا الامر فلا توجد عندهم آية محكمة الدلالة ولا رواية قطعية السند قطعية الدلالة ويمكنك مراجعة اقوال السيد الخوئي والسيد الخميني رحمهما الله وغيرهم من الفقهاء بهذا الخصوص وبالتالي ينتقل هؤلاء اليوم الى الدليل العقلي وهو وجوب رجوع الجاهل الى العالم وقد نقضت عليهم دليلهم هذا بنقض تام وبينت انه كما قلت انت (أوهن من بيت العنكبوت) حيث انهم ظانون ويقدمون ظنونا اجتهادية وهم يقرون بهذا ولايوجد منهم من يقول انه يقدم يقينا ،
وبالتالي فالدليل لاينطبق عليهم لانهم ليسوا علماءا يقدمون يقينا ليجب رجوع الجاهل اليهم فالعلماء الذين يقدمون يقينا ويحكم العقل بوجوب الرجوع اليهم هم فقط خلفاء الله وهذا مانقوله نحن ان الواجب فقط تقليد المعصوم.

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