Advice in Guiding People

Excerpt from: With The Righteous Servant – Part 1), pages 104 & 105.

Advice In Guiding People

He (Imam Ahmed Alhasan) (pbuh) said: ‘Work by everything that is possible, for it is a combat with Iblis, who wants to take the greatest number to Hell Fire… The people will see the world as an hour after death, as if they hardly know anything from it. He [Iblis] wishes to implement his promise of tempting the creation, for if he can not delay the appointed/promised day; he wants to implement his promise by tempting everyone except for the chosen ones [1].

His failure finally to delay the last confrontation, and the establishment of the divine promise by the victory of the three hundred and thirteen over their selves, does not make him turn away from the target which he has always promised [to implement] which is tempting people. So your victory is by guiding people, guiding them and not only establishing the Proof (Hujja) upon them. Do everything that is possible for you to do in order to guide them, I am only advising you that you strive/fight against Iblis with everything that you possibly can, disgrace him and disgrace his soldiers from among mankind and jinn.’

And when I asked him (pbuh) regarding the most painful blow to be directed to Iblis (l.a), he (pbuh) said: ‘Have you not read in the tradition: “When the sons of Adam prostrate, the face of Iblis blackens” [2].

I will tell you a vision I saw long ago, for perhaps it may clarify to you the matter more: I saw a great army, I was leading it and there were great battles, and there were martyrs from the army of the Ansar (supporters), and their souls were rising, and their images were so beautiful, and the Prophets were standing in the door of the Heaven receiving them and they were very pleased with them, and from those Prophets was Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (pbuh), and he was very pleased, and they said: “This has not happened since Allah created Adam that this large number defeats the “I” and the World, and the desires, and Satan.” And it ended.

What I want is for you to understand that the following of the Proof (Hujja) of Allah, according to its accuracy, blackens the face of Iblis. The prostration which Iblis refused is what blackens his face, he has refused to prostrate to the Successor of Allah, and promised to tempt the people, and that he shall cause them to refuse prostration to the Successor of Allah, so then what is it which blackens his face more than violating his goal and his objective?

Consequently, it is what I have firstly said to you: work towards guiding the people, cause them to prostrate like the Angels, and disgrace Iblis who wants from them that they follow him in the refusal to prostrate to the Successor of Allah.’

And when I requested from him (pbuh) a supplication in that Allah, the Almighty, writes us among those who prostrate to His Successor in His Earth, he (pbuh) said:

اللهم يجعلنا جميعاً من الساجدين للساجد الأول والعابد الأول والمسلم الأول والناطق إذا خرست الألسن في عرصات القيامة

‘Allahum Yaj3lna Jamee3an min al Sajedeen lil Sajid al Awil wa al 3abid al Awil wa al Muslim al Awil wa al Natiq itha Kharast al alson fi 3arasat al Qiamah’

‘O Allah make all of us among those who prostrate to the first one who has prostrated, and the first worshiper, and the first Muslim, and the first speaker/pronouncer if the tongues became silent on the Day of Resurrection’

* * *


[1] In order to give victory to The Qa’im (pbuh) who shall move forward towards Iblis and strike his neck in the Mosque of Al-Kufa, and they are few, as was mentioned about them by the Family of Muhammad in many traditions, and that they are like salt in food and Kuhl in the eye, and more rare and more rare. And also [they were mentioned] in the previous books, for in The Holy Book: (14: Because the group of people are called, but only few are those whom are chosen) Congregation of Eastern Churches: page 97.

[2] Look at: Al-Kafi: volume 3, page 264. Al-Khisal by Al-Sudouq, page 616.

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