Man is a state of ‎loss

Question 109: What is meant by the verse: – {By the declining day,* Lo! man is a state of ‎loss,} {Al-asr: 1-2}

Answer) Commander of the Faithful Ali (AS) is the “man” and he is at loss compared ‎with Mohammad (PBUH). As the rank of the Prophet (PBUH) is higher and greater than ‎the rank of Imam Ali (AS). Thus the Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) is the “city of ‎Divine Perfection in creation” or “the city of knowledge”; and Ali (AS) is the door.

The Prophet (PBUH) is the possessor of the “praised” rank; and the possessor of the ‎rank of “two bows’ length or even nearer”; and he is the one that something like an eye of ‎a needle has been opened for him and started to throb between the Truth and the ‎Creation.

While the Commander of the Faithful (AS) is below this rank; and he said: (if the cover is ‎revealed to me; I wouldn’t have become more certain) i.e. the cover and the veil of the ‎Divine that has been revealed to Muhammad (PBUH).


Question: In The Allegories (the book) in the interpretation of Surat Al-Asr, you said: that “man” is Ali ‎bin Abi Talib (AS), which he is at loss compared with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). ‎But how does He exclude those who believe; and that makes them better than Ali (AS) ‎according to what you clarified?!

Answer: In the name of God the Most Merciful, the Most Graceful;
All Praise is to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds;
O Lord, may Your prayers be upon Muhammad and his progeny, The Imams and ‎Mahdies.

The entire Qur’an is in the Fatiha; and the Fatiha is in the Basmalah; and the Basmalah is ‎in the Ba (‎ب‎); and the Ba is in the dot. (The Ba refers to the arabic alphabet (‎ب‎) that has ‎the form of a bowl and a dot under it). I.e. the more we rise in rank to Allah (swt); the ‎more the details in The Quran lessen. Because of the littleness in the parts and ‎contradictors whenever the Kingdom Worlds rise in rank; until it reaches to the Light and ‎Entirety: where the Quran is an entire Light.

And what I clarified for the Surat (Al-Asr): is in a high rank of the Quran, where there is ‎none other than Muhammad, Ali and Fatima (AS) ( and Ali and Fatima (AS) are one light). ‎Thus there is no one else except them.

So the entire Sura in that world is: {By the declining day,* Lo! man is a state of loss,} {Al-‎asr: 1-2}. This is Surat Al-Asr in that Upper World. So the rest of the Sura doesn’t exist in ‎that World for us to object; which is {except those who believe and work righteous deeds ‎and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to patience.} {Al-Asr: 3}.

Whereas in this world: – the “man” is the human race, i.e. the man is in loss and in fall ‎because of his presence in the physical world; except if he believed in the successor of ‎God in his time and worked with him. {Except those who believe and do good deeds and ‎exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to patience.}‎
page 181, Question 108: What is the meaning of the Al-mighty’s saying: {Hath there come upon man (ever) any period of time in which he was a thing unremembered?}[1]?

Answer: “Man” is Ali (pbuh), and there has not come a period of time that he (pbuh) is not remembered, because he is remembered in the knowledge of Allah the Glorified the Al-mighty, as for within the creation then there came a period of time that there was not a thing from him (pbuh) remembered, because Allah (swt) created Muhammad (pbuhaf) then He (swt) created Ali (pbuh).

[1] The Holy Qur’an: Surat Al-Insan (76: 1).


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