Why did Muhammad have more wives

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Mr. Najmat Aljadi wrote,
May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
My hope is that Allah swt gives you relief soon, and eases the heart of your mother Fatima al-Zahra pbuh. Indeed, He is Ever-Near and Responsive.
My Imam, in our discussions with the Christians about the proofs of the call, we often see them moving to matters concerning the character of the Messenger Muhammad pbuhap. One of their questions is: Why did the Messenger pbuhap have nine wives? Could you please clarify the reason?


Answer: And may the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
Generally, the discussion with any opponent must be restricted to a specific topic. Otherwise, it would be a process of random jumping from one topic to another, without obtaining any benefit from the discussion.

As for the issue of marriage in the time of the Messenger Muhammad pbuhap, and particularly in his environment, it was polygynous even before Islam due to the high percentage of women in relation to men. And it is known that the only social, ethical and acceptable solution for such a social problem is polygyny. The problem existed in this environment due to ongoing wars, battles and brigandry, and this caused a great number of men to be murdered continuously, whereas women would usually sit at home and not venture out or be put in danger. Even in battles, they were taken captives and were not killed like men were. The large percentage of women was a social problem in that particular environment to such an extent that many women who did not have husbands would raise banners declaring their willingness to have sex with men. The women of the red banners were famous in that society. And many men would kill their young daughters as part of a well-known phenomenon called female infanticide, due to the multitude of women in that society and because many of them would not have husbands and would resort to fulfilling desires in a manner that is not governed by a social law such as marriage.

And the Messenger Muhammad pbuhap came with a law that organizes the sexual relationship in such a society, in the framework of a disciplined marriage so that lineages are not lost. So he legislated polygyny by a social law that guarantees a woman her integrity during a time of such extreme social conditions, so that she is not a commodity circulating among men like the women of the banners. Instead, she is a respected wife of a man and she ensures her legal rights. And the law of polygyny with which the Messenger Muhammad pbuhap came was the most favorable solution for this extreme social phenomenon. And within a few years, the phenomenon of female infanticide and the women of the red banners ended. This is in regards to the Messenger Muhammad pbuh regulating the phenomenon of polygyny in order to solve the social problem of the large increase in the number of women in a society.

The reason behind his own action in particular, may the prayers of Allah be upon him, was that most men would not marry a number of women due to the difficulties of life and provision and so on. So the Messenger’s marriage to a number of women despite his poverty was to encourage others. His action did not go beyond the boundaries of social life in the environment he lived in; an environment that necessitated the marriage of a man to a number of women as an ethical solution to the dilemma of the high percentage of women; and it fulfilled the women’s biological sexual need and preserved her integrity through polygyny.

After this clarification, I think it would be foolish to object to a man being married to seven women living in a society in which the ratio of women to men is 7:1, just because you live in the 21st century in a society in which the ratio of women to men is 1:1, and most men within this society marry one wife. So your marriage to seven women in your time and society is wrong. Also, the marriage of the former man to one wife in his time and society is wrong. In fact, it is obscenely wrong it is destructive to society, because it causes phenomenons such as female infanticide and the women of the banners.

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