Ahmed Alhasan going against the rules of grammar

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
May Allah increase your rewards on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Messenger Muhammad pbuhap, the pure human who deserved the highest and loftiest rank with Allah SWT for the purity of his soul.
These days we find that the message of the Messenger Muhammad pbuhap being questioned, as well as whether the message, particularly the Quran, can be attributed to Allah SWT. The questioning revolves around the Arabic language, and that the Quran is weak in its phrases, or that it goes against the rules of grammar, or against rhetoric, and that there is Arabic poetry that is far more eloquent, such as the poetry of Imro’ al-Qays in The Mu’allaqat.*

A few days ago some of the Ansar, may Allah protect them, visited me and they showed me a video of a Shia cleric named Sayyed Ahmed al-Qabanji, questioning attribution of the Quran to Allah. The truth is, his method of questioning is no different than the Wahhabis’ and the Shia clerics’ method, or whoever represents them on television channels, in questioning this blessed call through the trick and lie of what they call “going against the rules of grammar and rhetoric”, such as questioning Ahmed Alhasan’s reading of the word “deeza”, or similar nonsense with which they deceive the ones made ignorant. They tell them that Ahmed Alhasan doesn’t know Arabic or isn’t eloquent. The believers have exposed the ignorance of those people, even concerning the inductive Arabic language rules. Some of the believers have graduate degrees in the Arabic language, and are professors in Iraqi universities. Praise be to Allah, they have clarified the ignorance of those people, even concerning the inductive Arabic language laws, and even concerning the existence of seven different readings of the Quran, and the reading of Ahlulbayt pbut mentioned in many narrations as different than the seven well-known readings, etc.

Now, it is their turn to respond. So we are waiting for the detailed response of these Wahhabis and clerics (or whoever they urged to question the call of truth based on going against the Arabic language). And I repeat a detailed response to everything presented by Ahmed al-Qabanji in questioning the Arabic and eloquence of the Quran, as well as the Christian’s questioning of the Quran, that it goes against Arabic, is not eloquent, and its phrases are weak. Perhaps there is no need to clarify that the response must be to take the questions and refute them, one by one, and not like some of the ones filled with idiocy do, when they take a phrase from the Quran that no one questions and say that the Quran is the most eloquent speech, etc. So what is required is not to prove that some phrases of the Quran are eloquent, because this does not help at all in refuting the argument concerning other phrases. What is required is to refute in detail the questions presented by the Christians and Sayyed Ahmed al-Qabanji and others, meaning to discuss the questions and to refute them scientifically. And we are awaiting their response.

I say that if they refute in the same manner that we refute their arguments, which they rejected from us, it is shown that they are liars, and they have double standards in religion. When they argue against us and against the call of truth, they present arguments that they believe to be worthless, and they use them for the sole purpose of deceiving people and making them ignorant, and nothing else.

Finally, I mention and I repeat that their response is obligatory and inevitable because they consider the inductive Arabic language to be sacred and infallible, and the infallible one cannot go against them, let alone Allah SWT. Therefore, if they do not give an official response it means they refute their belief in the Quran, and they judge that it is not from Allah. Thus, they discredit their Islam by their own hands.

– This is a video making clear the arguments of the Wahhabis and some Shia clerics, or whomever they urged from the clerics of ignorance on television channels and in other forms of media against Ahmed al-Hasan’s reading of the Quran, their claim that Ahmed al-Hasan does not speak Arabic well, the response by some of those who believe in the call of truth, and the clarification of their ignorance, even concerning the language and the seven readings of the Quran:

-This is a video of Ahmed al-Qabanji questioning the eloquence of the Quran and its Arabic:


This is another video of Ahmed al-Qabanji as well:


There are lots of questions that are often presented about the Quran going against grammar and eloquence.The following is an example. In the two verses, you find Al-Saabi’een one time and Al-Saabi’oon another time, although their grammatical state is the same according to the Arabic language rules.

{Indeed, those who believed and those who were Jews or Christians or Sabeans [Al-Saabi’een] — those who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness — will have their reward with their Lord, and no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.} Surah al-Baqarah (The Cow) Chapter 2:62.

{Indeed, those who have believed and those who were Jews or Sabeans [Al-Saabi’oon] or Christians — those who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness — no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.} Surah al-Maidah (The Table Spread) Chapter 5:69.

I conclude by clarifying that our method of responding to Ahmed al-Qabanji and what the Christians present, as well as those who question the Quran and the authenticity of its attribution to Allah by questioning its grammar or eloquence or its going against the rules of Arabic in general, can be found by anyone in my books. We don’t believe in the sacredness of the language, and we believe that it was subject to the law of general, universal evolution. The authenticity of this belief concurs with the authenticity of proving the theory of evolution. I have clarified its authenticity in detail, in the book The Atheism Delusion, as well as the absurdity of the ignorant ones’ responses to the theory of evolution. This makes it foolish to believe that there are infallible and fixed rules of the language that must be followed. These words of mine are not particular to the Arabic language but rather to any human or animal language in general.

If this matter has been scientifically proven today, with authentic evidence, then Al-Sadiq pbuh clarified over a thousand years ago the absurdity of believing that there are fixed or infallible rules of the Arabic language or any other language: Muhammad bin Muslim said, “Imam Abu Abdullah pbuh read: And Noah called upon us.*I said, ‘May my soul be sacrificed for you. If only you would look into this; I mean the Arabic language.’ So he said, ‘Remove me from this stench of yours.’” Mustadrak al-Wasa’il Volume 4, p. 278.

*The Mu’allaqat is the title of a group of seven long pre-Islamic Arabic poems. The name means the suspended odes or the hanging poems, since they were hung on or in the Ka’ba in Mecca.
** The reading of this sentence by Imam Abu Abdullah pbuh was grammatically incorrect in Arabic.

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